Have your own title

Use an aristocratic title and include it in your ID

A title, also known as an aristonym, is the perfect complement to your civil name. You can be sure of impressed looks when you introduce yourself with an aristocratic title. The same applies for a high-quality certificate of appointment. After all, with us you don’t just purchase an aristocratic title, but also a certificate of appointment, your own coat of arms and the rest.

From now on you’ll be able to surround yourself with all the trappings of nobility, like your own family coat of arms on your coffee cup or your title on your doorbell. This isn’t just the choice of an aristocratic title, it’s also the choice of a way of life.

How can I use the title I’ve purchased?

There are no fixed rules. In fact, you can use your aristocratic title in whatever way you wish. Let’s take the example of one John Smith. If you, as John Smith, were to become Count of Hanover, you could combine your civil name and your aristonym in various ways:

– John Smith, Count of Hanover
– Count John of Hanover
– Count John Smith of Hanover

From now on there are no limits to the ways you can use your aristocratic name. Whether on your business card, in your signature or when making a reservation at your favourite restaurant – from now on you’ll be a true noble in everyone’s eyes. Anyone who purchases an aristocratic title from us can also use this title in public. People often have concerns about this, but you needn’t worry at all. It’s possible to sign important contracts as well as appear in public using this name. From this moment on, your aristocratic title will belong to you just as much as your civil name does.

You can use your new aristocratic title instead of your surname. In fact, this is exactly what we recommend, as it gives you an extra key benefit. If in the long term you’d also like to include your aristocratic title in your ID, the title has to have an important function. If you use your aristocratic title in all aspects of everyday life, you have a good chance of being able to have your title included in your official ID in the long term. Then there’ll be no more room for doubt – you’ll now be a true noble.