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Can I buy an aristocratic title?

An aristocratic title is tempting to a lot of people. Sadly for most people, high society is out of their reach. Drinking a glass of champagne with an earl? Driving through town like a prince in a flash set of wheels? Or reserving a place in a posh restaurant in town as a count? Soon all this could be possible for you.

In the media we hear again and again about different people with aristocratic titles. Often it isn’t at all clear where the title actually comes from. Nowadays, only a minority of aristocratic titles are obtained through birth, marriage or adoption. Most titles are simply bought. But what is an aristocratic title exactly? Can you just buy a title? With us you can find out more about buying a legal aristocratic title. After all, we can count on many years of experience dealing with aristocratic titles since 1999.

Buying an aristocratic title – is it legal?

But is purchasing an aristocratic title actually legal? There is a mistaken but widespread belief that buying an aristocratic title is illegal. This is not true, though – a legitimate noble doesn’t necessarily have to acquire his or her title through marriage or birthright.. Buying a title can also make you a noble. Thanks to the free choice of names, buying and using an aristocratic title is entirely legal. However, you do have to bear in mind that you‘re not becoming a true noble through birth, marriage or adoption. From a legal perspective it is a pseudonym with a coat of arms. ‘Real’ aristocratic titles are not for sale – you’d have to be the descendent of nobility. You can’t change this, however.

As a stylish solution, though, more and more people are choosing to purchase an aristocratic title in order to use it as a pseudonym. After all, at first sight it’s not possible to know whether an aristocratic title has been acquired by birth or bought. German law enshrines the free choice of names. Everyone has the right to a pseudonym. If you’ve always wanted an aristocratic title, you can take advantage of this regulation. Was your childhood dream always to be a baron, a count or a prince? Then soon you can make this dream come true.

From now on you’ll always be able to appear under this pseudonym. If you want to include the aristocratic title in your identity card, though, you’ll need a little more. The registration office will demand proof that you actually use your aristocratic title in your day-to-day life and always appear in public with this name. If you can provide credible evidence, then, it’s even possible to include your title in your official ID – doesn’t get much more noble than that, right?

How do I purchase an aristocratic title?

In the past it was absolutely necessary to be born into nobility or to marry into the aristocracy. As marriages were frequently contracted within noble families, though, it was difficult for commoners to acquire an aristocratic title.

Over the years, however, aristocratic titles were abolished. Social divisions between nobility and commoners broke down. Today you have to be born into an aristocratic family in order to be considered a noble via your family tree and your birthright. Nevertheless, this isn’t the only way of going about your life with an aristocratic title. Marrying a prince or being adopted by a noble are also valid alternatives. For most people this is also probably out of the question – if it doesn’t absolutely have to be the genuine aristocracy, and the mere appearance is sufficient with a purchased title, then you’ve come to the right place. Even adoptions incur very high costs, after all. And then you can’t even be certain that the Family Office will accept this course of action and officially change your civil name. Buying an aristocratic title and using it as a pseudonym, then, remains the best alternative for many new nobles.