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Aristocratic titles and name law

For many new nobles, buying an aristocratic title is just the first step. In the long term your aristocratic title isn’t just intended to appear on business cards and the rest. After all, an aristocratic title looks great on your ID, too. That said, buying an aristocratic title is significantly easier than having it included in your ID.

Name law in Germany

In Germany, name law comprises a range of rules that regulate the use of your name. It regulates what name you have the right to use and the conditions under which it’s possible to change one’s civil or legal name. As well as this, name law also includes the right to prevent other people from using a name illegitimately. The right to a name means that you alone have the right to use this name. This is an absolute law that is covered by personal rights included in the German Constitution. German name law is substantiated in the Civil Code. If you are interested in an aristocratic title then name law will also be important for you

Legal use of your aristocratic title

Despite the legal regulations around name law, buying an aristocratic title is in no way forbidden or illegal. In fact, in Germany an aristocratic title is a form of pseudonym. Buying a pseudonym is allowed. Plus, you have the right to use a pseudonym in place of your actual name.

Most pseudonyms are pure figments of one’s imagination. Footballers that play with a different name or artists that sign their works with a nom de plume are just some examples. If you want an aristocratic title, you’re choosing an aristonym. Your aristocratic pseudonym is an upgrade for both you and your civil name. Pseudonyms are also protected under name law. The personal rights of other people count as a limitation when you are choosing your aristocratic name. Beyond that, though, you’re free to adopt a pseudonym of your choice. Nothing is standing in the way of your path into the nobility. In many European countries it is incredibly simple to include an aristocratic title in your ID. Even in Germany it’s possible to have your aristocratic title included in your identity card as long as you use this as your actual name in your day-to-day life.

The legal situation in Australia, Britain and the USA

Many nobles come from English-speaking countries. For this reason, perhaps you’re interested in what name law is like in these countries. Whether in Britain, the USA or Australia, there is no such thing as state tutelage of name law. In English-speaking countries you have complete freedom in choosing your name. You can choose, change and use your name in whatever way you wish.

After choosing a name, you produce a document called a deed poll, which you can then take with you to the bank, contractual partners and the rest. You can then have accounts, credit cards, identity documents and memberships under your new name.

which is evidence of your name change, and is also known as a deed of change of the name. The document is not issued by any official government body. You can even produce the document yourself, although it needs to meet certain formal requirements to change your name.

English name law is grounded in common law in which, unlike Roman and Germanic law, it is not subject to any limitations. In English law you’ll find the most liberal rules in Europe as far as name law is concerned. If you really want to have an aristocratic title included in your passport, English-speaking countries provide you with the best chances. With very little effort, your aristocratic title can become your new legal name.

A legal name under common law is the name actually used by a person. People are free to change and use their name entirely as they wish. There are no limitations to the content of the name at all, as long as you have no fraudulent intent. There is one restriction, though – you can only change your name if you are a resident of the country in question. Name changes are not recognised in Germany, but they are in many parts of the world.

Nonetheless, it is always possible to use an aristocratic title – even if it can’t be included in your passport immediately, you can still appear as an aristocrat in any situation you wish.