Have your own title » Using an aristocratic title

Using an aristocratic title – What’s possible? What’s allowed?

Aristocratic titles have always symbolised wealth, prestige and noble conduct. If you’d like to have your own aristocratic title nowadays, you can simply purchase it with us. From this moment on you’ll be able to use your aristocratic title without any problems at all, even though the purchase won’t make you a real noble.

Nonetheless, we offer you a comprehensive selection to choose from. From the certificate of appointment to your own family coat of arms, all the way to cups, cushions and more emblazoned with your coat of arms and title, you can receive everything that goes with the appearance of a genuine noble. From now on you can savour the first impression that you’ll make as a noble – almost everyone you meet will be fascinated by your aristocratic title.

Can I use my aristocratic title freely?

In principle, after buying your aristocratic title you can also use it freely. There are an array of everyday situations in which you can use it. Reserving tickets, booking a hotel room, your signature on a letterhead or the presentation of a business card – from now on, the aristocratic title is entirely yours. It’s also perfectly legal. You can appear in public and sign contracts and more thanks to the free choice of names in Germany.

The only thing that’s somewhat problematic is registering it in your identity card or passport. This is only possible once you can prove that your aristocratic title is equal to your civil name, meaning you have to use the aristocratic title all the time and everywhere. When even your neighbours and colleagues address you with your aristocratic title, it’s a good sign that you’ll soon succeed in registering it in your official ID.