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Becoming a noble – choosing the right title

Climbing into the aristocracy is alluring for many people. A look at history shows how the nobility received a great many privileges. Aristocratic ladies and gentlemen enjoyed great prestige. Many people in the past found their aristocratic titles to be an asset, and delighted in being nobles. The privileges afforded to the aristocracy varied depending on the country, region and the specific title – both honorary and material privileges were bestowed on nobles. Before you become a noble and choose the right title for you, you should know a little more about the royal status. Find out more in the following article and consider which title could be possible for you. Would you rather be a count, or would being a baron suit you better? You’re simply spoilt for choice.

Meanings of the titles

The titles that nobles carry represent different sections of society. Nobles are afforded a different aristocratic title depending on their wealth and status. Baron and baroness are the titles at the bottom of the rank order. By contrast, dukes and duchesses are at the topic of the hierarchy, directly beneath the king or queen. Many people see aristocratic titles as relics of a bygone age – these people’s ideas are formed by a lack of knowledge, though, and also by a certain level of awe. Aristocratic titles remain ubiquitous even in today’s society.

In a monarchical system, nobles have a great deal of importance. The monarch or the government elevate certain men and women to high-ranking positions that are accompanied by power, patronage, wealth and prestige. Nowadays it’s possible to buy these kinds of aristocratic titles in many countries. Anyone who wants to be a lord in the Commonwealth can simply buy themselves the title!

Monarchies then and now

A great many monarchies still exist today. In the monarchies of the past, nobles played a significant role. The aristocratic title was bestowed by the king or the emperor. The noble would then oversee important matters in the state and would deal with the king or emperor’s interests. After the Second World War, a large number of monarchies were dissolved. Some monarchies did remain, though – the monarch and the aristocracy continued to govern the nation. Today there are still twelve monarchies around the world, seven of which are genuine kingdoms with a monarch at the reins of the nation’s destiny.

Buy an aristocratic title

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