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Aristocratic children – become a prince or princess!

When parents choose an aristocratic title (or in the past when they inherited one) this also carries over to their children. While aristocratic titles for adults are well-known and widely understood, the situation is often a little different with children.

Most of the time, children are titled ‘prince’ or ‘princess’, though there is an exception with the aristocratic title of ‘count’: in this case, children are called ‘hereditary count’ and ‘hereditary countess’. Girls are also commonly called ‘countess’. For most aristocratic titles, though, such as duke, landgrave and elector, the titles ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ are most common.

This is especially important since you don’t just receive a certificate of appointment for yourself when you purchase an aristocratic title. You also receive certificates for your partner and children free with your own certificate of appointment. Your children will be able to appear as ‘prince’ and ‘princess’, and who hasn’t dreamt of having their own little princess or a well-educated prince? Of course we always use our knowledge and experience to ensure that your partner and your children receive the right title, which will depend on the title you choose for yourself. You can be certain, though, that we will select the aristocratic title that is historically appropriate for your whole family.