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Who hasn’t enjoyed imagining the scene? You and your partner, strolling through town as a duke and duchess? When you take your loved one out to dinner you can reserve the table as a duke and duchess. When you buy an aristocratic title you surround yourself in a certain aura. These high-ranking aristocratic titles are perfect to increase your prestige and reputation. Make no mistake about it – as a duke and duchess you’ll get a lot of attention.

The meaning of ‘duke’ and ‘duchess’

The meaning of this aristocratic title comes from traditional monarchies. A person who ruled over a duchy and other nobles was called a duke. From a historical point of view, ‘duke’ was the highest-ranking aristocratic title, with the exception of the titles that were awarded to the actual monarch. The title comes from the Latin ‘dux’, meaning ‘leader’, and was first used in Roman times, when it was given to commanders in the army. As time went by, a duke was the chief commander in a specific province.

Dukes in the Middle Ages

The aristocratic title of ‘duke’ came to be used in German monarchies in the Middle Ages as the rank above ‘count’ in the aristocratic hierarchy. A duke and duchess ruled over a specific province and were members of the highest ranks of the nobility. Dukes were positioned directly below the monarch and played an important role in the monarchy. However, there were also some countries in Europe where the title of ‘duke’ simply didn’t exist, though this should not belie the fact that the title was widely used in most countries and monarchies. Even today dukes are seen as impressive characters with great power and substantial influence.

Modern dukes and duchesses

While there were still many small states and duchies in present-day Germany in the nineteenth century, dukes’ relevance waned as the decades went by. At the start of the nineteenth century many small German and Italian states were ruled by dukes, but the institution has declined since then. Today there is only one duke left who rules an entire country: the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Even if dukes and duchesses no longer tend to rule over entire countries nowadays, these titles still attract a lot of attention in a wide range of situations.

In Spain, Portugal and the UK, dukes still hold the highest rank below the monarch, and it is only possible to become a duke by inheriting the title. Every member of Sweden’s royal family receives a duchy from the moment they’re born, so they too can boast the title of duke or duchess throughout their whole life.

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Hardly any nobles still reign today, but dukes and duchesses can nonetheless look back on an eventful history, and you can still enjoy recognition, respect and renown. Anyone interested in an aristocratic title and who wants to become a nobleman or noblewoman will often consider the title ‘duke’ or ‘duchess’. Purchasing this aristocratic title is sure to enrich your life, and is also a fantastic idea for an unusual gift.