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Get a German aristocratic title!

Of course you can also acquire your own German aristocratic title through us. To do this we thought up something extra special: we offer you a genuine German title that doesn’t have any heir. When the last aristocrat in a family dies, their nobility goes with them, making the title freely available to anyone. We took advantage of this and bought the rights to the aristocratic title, meaning you can now decorate yourself with a unique title and appear in public as a nobleman or noblewoman.

Nowadays aristocratic titles have an immaterial value. If you always wanted to strut the streets of your town as an aristocrat, this is your chance. As well as a historical German title you also receive a certificate and a coat of arms. The certificates are inspired by the Middle Ages and are authentic and real-looking. A certificate of appointment as a noble will make for a unique decoration in your home. You also receive a personalised coat of arms to match your new aristocratic title. Since we create the coat of arms specially for you, you also receive the exclusive right to use it. You’ll now have your own family coat of arms that you can design to your own individual tastes.

A range of titles with an impressive history

We can offer you a wide range of different aristocratic titles, and we also give you information about the history of the different dynasties. Either find the name that you most like the sound of or the family history that suits you best. You will then receive your own aristocratic title along with a digitised coat of arms as a vector graphic. The creative design is left entirely up to you so that you can go about your business with your own aristocratic title, coat of arms and the rest. As a nice extra we will also be happy to put you in touch with an expert designer who can adapt the coat of arms to suit your wishes.

Buy a German aristocratic title – how it’s possible

We came up with a very special solution to allow you to purchase an aristocratic title. Thanks to this idea we’re able to make dreams of an aristocratic title come true. We purchased the rights to the respective titles from extinct aristocratic families without any heirs. As we now own the rights we can also empower you to use the aristocratic title. It’s similar to coming up with a unique pseudonym that we have the exclusive rights, and means we have to right to allow other people to use the pseudonym too. When you buy and order your aristocratic title, you too can appear in public with your own title. As it’s legal to go by a pseudonym there is nothing stopping you using a noble name. Lots of German aristocratic titles are available right now. If a German noble dies and doesn’t leave behind an heir, their aristocratic title becomes dormant. Aristocratic titles are considered name affixes to a person’s own name in Germany, so they can be used anywhere and in any way. Signing your name as ‘Baron’ or appearing in public as ‘Duchess’ no longer has to be a dream for you! .

Our extensive selection of German aristocratic titles

If you choose your own aristocratic title to stroll around your neighbourhood as a baron, duke or similar, of course you receive more than just a title from us. To start with, there’s also a certificate to confirm your appointment as a noble. This certificate of appointment is based on traditional certificates from the twelfth century. The material and font used are almost identical, in fact, so that there is almost no visible difference that a lay person will be able to spot. Of course, every certificate of appointment is personalised to include your name and our own coat of arms. The certificates have an authentic look with a traditional stamp and a signature. Should you buy yourself an aristocratic title, your family members also benefit: Your partner and your children also receive matching certificates admitting them into the aristocracy.

Alongside the certificate, another great advantage are our aristocratic coats of arms. After all, who’s never dreamt of their own noble family coat of arms? You receive a high-resolution graphic including a digital vector file free of charge. The possibilities are simply endless. You can choose to decorate cups, pillows, blankets, and items of clothing with your own family coat of arms.

You will receive your entire aristocratic package in a high-quality presentation folder. You can treat yourself or your friends and relatives to an aristocratic title, accompanied by a brochure with all sorts of information on the topic of nobility. An aristocratic title always fits the bill!