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The Order of Minerva: become a knight, consult or a senator – buy your own aristocratic title!

The secretive Order of Minerva is shrouded in countless myths, tales and rumours. If you want to become a part of this peripheral, non-religious organisation, you can simply buy a title. You can also use this title legally. The choice of name is free and, though it is customary to combine one’s own name with a title such as Knight, Consul or Senator, the possibilities when choosing a name are simply endless.

It’s particular important to note that joining the Order of Minerva and using the noble name does not imply any obligations on your part, and there are also no recurring costs for you to worry about. What you do get is an authentic certificate of appointment as a consul, senator or knight.

The Order of Minerva gives you a title that you can use officially at all times. Although the designations ‘senator’ and ‘consul’ imply diplomatic titles, you are entirely free to use these, albeit preferably with the addition of ‘Order of Minerva’ so as to avoid any mix-ups or misunderstandings. After all, there are also senators in the USA, for example, while the term ‘consul’ is often used for consular missions nowadays.

The Order of Minerva

The Order of Minerva is a community of members, a peripheral, non-religious community that is open to everyone. Anyone can become a knight of Minerva. Women receive the title of ‘lady’. It is possible to use one’s official name from the Order in public. Appearing under the name is legal and permitted for all occasions.

The name of the order comes from the goddess Minerva, who was the patron of crafts and trades. As time went by, the goddess Minerva came to be the patron of wisdom, art and knowledge. Anyone who supports these virtues and can identify with the values is a perfect fit for the Order of Minerva!

Become a member of the Order of Minerva!

If you would like to become a member of the Order of Minerva, you should first consider a few fundamental requirements. The Order of Minerva is not a religious community, so entering the order is significantly different from becoming a member of a church. Members of the Order of Minerva follow different principles in their lives, though a focus on self-development is particularly important. Good general education and moral values define the life of a member of the Order of Minerva, while disregard for the state, religion and common decency is frowned upon. Anyone wishing to be a part of the Order of Minerva should pay attention to these principles, so be aware of this before you choose a title from the Order of Minerva.