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‘Tsar’ and ‘tsarina’ are Russian aristocratic titles. A tsar is a powerful ruling person in Russia, someone who wields power over a certain area. The title of ‘tsar’ never stands alone, though – you can purchase the title ‘tsar’ and ‘tsarina’ of Marinovka through us. Thanks to our partner in the region of Bashkortostan in southwestern Russland, you can buy this aristocratic title from us. It also comes with joint ownership of a plot of land, namely a small piece of forest with a clearing in Marinovka. You are also welcome to arrange to visit and use the piece of forest with a small clearing – when you buy an aristocratic title, you also open up an exciting destination for your next holiday: your own country estate in the Russian region of Bashkortostan. As tsar as tsarina of Marinovka, your children become ‘prince’ and ‘princess’.

Please turn left. Follow this street for 12 miles to the village of Nordovka. Here, turn left and you will reach the small village of Allaguvat. At the end of the village is the forest, known by locals as Marinovka, the location of your new country estate in Russia. It is easiest to follow if you switch to the ‘Map’ or ‘Satellite’ view. The exact coordinates are 53°13’00.1″N 55°31’44.9″E (you can search for these on Google Maps). Unfortunately there is no street view for Allaguvat.

The title ‘tsar’ looks back on a long history. Russian rulers were called tsars as far back as medieval times. The first monarch who ruled under the title ‘tsar’ was Vladimir the Great, the Grand Prince of Kiev. The use of the title was unofficial at first, however, and only became an official title in the Middle Ages. The notorious and fearsome Ivan the Terrible was Russia’s first officially crowned tsar. Although other titles like ‘imperator’ came to be used later, the designation ‘tsar’ remained. Tsars and tsarinas, as well as their descendants, still exist to this day in Russia – now you too can buy the title and acquire your own plot of land in Russia.

The function of tsars

Politics and religion were the two fields in which the tsars played an important role. Following the Sack of Constantinople, supporters and defenders of the Orthodox Church were few and far between. The principal role of the Russian tsars was to protect the Russian-Orthodox Church. The close link between the Orthodox Church and Russian tsars remains to this day.

The coronation of the illustrious Russian tsars

In the past, the coronation of tsars was always a sumptuous, elaborate and greatly popular affair. Lots of nobles and aristocrats from the entire Russian Empire would travel to crown the tsar. A tsar’s all-encompassing power was also reflected in the coronation process. The tsar was allowed to crown himself since nobody was equal to him. The whole ceremony was filled with prayers and hymns to create a unique atmosphere. The delivery of a sceptre, crown and imperial orb represented the tsar’s power. The different regalia defined the tsar’s position in Russia. An opulent banquet followed the coronation of the tsar and tsarina.

Even in the past, the crown of the Russian tsar was one of the most valuable symbols of power in the world. In 1920 the crown’s worth was estimated at more than $50 million. The crown, including over 5000 precious stones, was worn by just eight tsars in Russian history. Even if this honour isn’t bestowed on you, you can still appear in future as a tsar or tsarina, made possible by purchasing an aristocratic title with ownership of land in Russia.

Russia’s many ruling dynasties

Russia and the Russian Empire look back on a long, turbulent history. It’s only natural that many important ruling dynasties characterised the destiny of this country across two continents. The Romanovs were among the most well-known ruling dynasties in Russia. Tsar Peter the Great was just one of many Russian rulers from this noble line. The first Romanov to be bestowed with the honour of ruling the Russian Empire was Michael I in the seventeenth century.

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of her? Catherine the Great defined Russian history like no other woman. The German princess married Russian tsar Peter III and, after changing her name and converting to the Russian Orthodox religion, Catherine the Great ousted her own husband in a coup, having her followers kill him. Catherine the Great then ruled the entire Russian Empire. She is known today for her investment in education and science, as well as a great deal of political reforms. Catherine the Great made a huge contribution to the rise of the Russian Empire. One anecdote about Catherine the Great recounts how the Russian tsarina allowed herself a great many lovers and affairs.

The Russian tsardom came to an end in 1917, and the last ruling tsar of Russia was Nicholas II, forced to abdicate in 1917 during the Russian Revolution. After creating the Russian parliament, called the Duma, the tsar’s entire family was executed – a bloody and gruesome end to the monarchy and the rule of the Russian tsars.

Become a Russian tsar & tsarina and buy an aristocratic title!

Russian aristocratic titles are linked to land ownership. As you also acquire joint ownership of a plot of land when you buy an aristocratic title from us, you can also use the title from now on. Go around the world as a Russian tsar or tsarina, and impress everyone around you. It’s all easily possible thanks to a coat of arms, a certificate of appointment, and a title.