Smart ID Card "Noble Society


The ID card can be scanned with almost any smartphone via the built-in NFC chip or the QR code on the back and redirects to your digital business card at You can easily design it yourself online in just a few minutes and enrich it with all the information you want to share.



Your ID Card contains an NFC chip and a QR code on the back. When the ID Card is scanned with a smartphone, it forwards directly to your digital business card. You can design your digital business card yourself online, everything is prepared for this and you only need to enter the desired info about yourself. Just upload your photo and enter all the info you want to share. You can quickly and easily update the data at any time. It is then available at

How does it work ?

The ID card contains an NFC chip and a QR code on the back. Scanning the chip or the QR code with a smartphone leads to your personal digital business card.

What info about me can I share?

Depending on your preference, have a photo of yourself ready and links to your social media, as well as your address and contact details. Just imagine a business card where you can also set links that you can change and customize at any time without having to print new cards. How much info you enter about yourself is entirely up to you.

What does the Intelligent ID Card look like ?

It has the size of a common credit card (approx, 85mm x 54mm). There is an invisible NFC chip inside the card. The front is printed with your name, title and crest, on the back is your personal QR code.