Lord of Strandhill

Lord of Strandhill

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As Lord of Standhill, you can carry the nobility title associated with Ireland’s wild northwest – a great gift idea for everybody who likes to feel special.

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Buying a nobility title from the wild northwest of the green island Behind this house you will find your little plot of irish land If you decide to purchase the nobility title “Lord of Strandhill”, you will not only receive a title but also own some land in one of Ireland’s wildest and most romantic regions.

The north-western part of the Atlantic coast is defined by sandy beaches, dunes and wild cliffs with roaring oceans underneath. So as Lord of Strandhill, you are in charge of a tumultuous, diverse and rather rough part of this world which makes this title perfect for adventurers, athletes and everybody who enjoys feeling the ocean breeze in their hair. Strandhill itself is a small village near Sligo located in the county of the same name. It is situated right by the sea and known for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches and outstanding windsurfing opportunities.

The waves and stunning sandy beaches are every surfer’s dream. To meet this demand, the town offers lodging and shops to ensure surfers have everything they need. But Strandhill isn’t just a great place for water sports! With an 18-hole golf course, the town is also an exciting place to visit for everybody who enjoys a game of golf. Sligo is the largest city in northwest Ireland and also the capital of the sparsely populated and not too touristy County Sligo. Here you will find the ruin of Sligo Abbey as well as Calry Church and Sligo Cathedral. Poet William Butler Yeats’ description of the city made the place famous worldwide. The skyline is characterised by two of the best-known mountains in Ireland: the table mountain Benbulben and the Knocknarea.

As is true for all of Ireland, this landscape is closely tied to the island’s history. At the foot of Benbulben lies Drumcliffe, the burial place of William B. Yeats. It is said that the legendary Celtic Queen Maeve, who is known for her belligerence and beauty, lies buried on Knocknarea. In fact, before the Euro was introduced as currency, she was depicted on the Irish one-pound-bill. The significant history of various dolmen, stone circles and Stone Age graves located at the foot of Knocknarea remain to a large degree a mystery till this day. As Lord of Strandhill, you will have a special connection to a less known but certainly not less beautiful region in Ireland. And even if you cannot personally visit the area, your connection to this area will make you one proud Lord of Strandhill. Vor der Einführung des Euro war sie auf der irischen Ein-Pfund-Note zu bewundern. Bedeutungsvolle und weithin unerforschte Geschichte findet sich in Form etlicher Dolmen, Steinkreise und steinzeitlicher Gräber auch am Fuß des Knocknarea.

Kommen Sie also als Lord of Strandhill in eine der weniger bekannten, aber nicht weniger schönen Gegenden Irlands und entdecken Sie die Schönheiten. Adel verpflichtet eben, selbst wenn Sie den Adelstitel kaufen. Aber auch wenn Sie vorerst nicht selbst hinfahren, sondern noch mit dem Finger auf der Landkarte reisen, wird es Sie mit Stolz erfüllen, ein Lord of Strandhill zu sein


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