Senator Minerva

Senator Minerva

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Become a Senator in the Minerva Order

  • Membership in the Minerva Order
  • Prestigious letter of appointment as senator
  • Golden ID Card with name, title and coat of arms

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What privileges do you get to enjoy as a Senator or Lady of the Minerva Order?

To begin with, the title of senator makes you a member of the Minerva Order and henceforth you may officially use an order name. Whether on stationery, business cards or on front door signs, you may now use the senator’s title as an official name. You can also include your order name in your ID or other papers. Please always use your order name in connection with the order. “Senator Peter Meyer” is not allowed and could even be punishable. Please only use your title in this way: Peter Meyer – Senator of the Minerva Order

How is the title of Senator of the Minerva Order conferred?
Firstly, you must specify your desired order name, for example, you can use your current name and the title Senator will be appended to your original name. But you can also be creative and come up with your very own order name. Afterwards you will receive a letter of appointment in noble historical style, information about the Minerva Order, information about the title of Senator as your order name and, if necessary, an entry in your identity papers, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your order name will be transferred to the identity papers, because unfortunately there is no legal claim to it. First, begin by entering your real name, or the name of the person who is to receive the gift, in the field below, then next to it you should enter the order name you have chosen right away. Finally, both names will be printed on the letter of appointment.

What does the title Senator mean?
In the Holy Roman Empire the Senate acted as the supreme council, its members were known as Senators. Its task was merely to advise the ruler, but it was always known that the Senate was the real centre of power in the Holy Roman Empire. Most of them were Senators of noble descent, but there were also simple burghers, who were mostly only allowed to take over the lower offices in the Senate.


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