Laird of Glencairn

Laird of Glencairn


If you buy a Scottish noble title, you have a sense of the wild and pristine landscape, the chequered history and the stories of rough-legged brave men and their no less tough wives in a tough yet beautiful land at the northern end of Europe, in addition to the aspirations of higher things.

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A Laird of Glencairn belongs in the Scottish Highlands. Here the people were shaped by the constant resistance against nature and warlike conquerors.

Landscape & History of Glencairn

The Picts and Scots who immigrated here successfully defended themselves against the conquering Romans and later the Vikings and also largely preserved their Celtic characteristics and clan customs from the influence of the English who had been immigrating since the 11th century. Attempts to keep English influence from becoming too great continue to this day, although Scotland has been dependent on the English crown since the 12th century.

Nevertheless, the Scots have always kept their own traditions and partly also their own laws. You benefit from the latter when you buy a Scottish noble title. Because in Scotland there were honorary titles that were tied to the ownership of a certain land. These Lairds, English "Lords" were simply "landowners" in German. If the land was sold or otherwise given away, the new owner also got the title. So it is with the Laird of Glencairn.

The place name is very typical for Scotland and means first of all nothing else than "valley of the Cairns". Cairns are large stone tombs that are often found in Scotland and valleys are of course also typical in the mountainous landscape. However, the name also gives some indication that this area has been inhabited for many millennia, as the cairns date back to the Stone Age. The property with which the title of Laird of Glencairn is associated is close to the Grey Cairns of Camster. These two very well preserved Neolithic barrows are thought to be around 4,500 years old and are a well-known landmark.

Not far away is the "Cairn of Camster", a burial place where for several hundred years the chiefs of the Highlands found their final resting place. From the names of the surrounding places like Lybster, Camster or Scrabster you can see that the Vikings have been here as well. They established settlements on the coasts and advanced from there to their raids into the country. The Glencairn area also has a famous figure to offer: John Oswald, who signed the American Declaration of Independence on behalf of Britain, was born here


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