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To be Tsar or Tsarina of Marinovka!

Zar und Zarin werden

    The Tsar or Tsarina are Russian noble titles. The Tsar describes a ruling, powerful person in Russia who exercises power over a certain territory. At the same time, the title of Tsar never stands alone - with us you can buy the title "Tsar" or "Tsarina" of Marinovka. Thanks to our partner from the Bachkortostan region in the southern west of Russia, you can buy the noble title from us.

    In addition, there is the co-ownership of a landscape estate. This is a small piece of forest with a clearing in Marinovka. You are welcome to visit and use the piece of forest with a small clearing by arrangement - at the same time as you buy a title of nobility, you already have a tempting destination for your next vacation: your own country estate in the Russian region of Bashkortostan. As tsar and tsarina of Marinovka, your children are "prince" and "princess".

    Where is the estate located?

    Turn a little to the left. Following this road, after 20 kilometers you will find the village of Nordovka. Here you turn left and reach the small village Allaguvat. At the end of the village is the forest, which the inhabitants call Marinovka, here is your new country residence in Russia. You can follow it best if you switch to "map" or "satellite". The exact geo coordinates are 53°13'00.1″N 55°31'44.9″E (you can search for it on Google Maps). Unfortunately, there are no street views from Allaguvat.

    The title of tsar looks back on a long history. Russian rulers have been considered tsars since the Middle Ages. The first monarch to use the title "tsar" was Vladimir, the Grand Duke of Kiev. However, the use of the title was initially unofficial. It became an official title only in the Middle Ages. The well-known, infamous and feared Ivan the Terrible was the first officially crowned tsar in Great Russia. Although other titles such as "Imperator" were added over time, the designation as "Tsar" remained. Tsars or Tsarinas or their descendants exist in Russia to this day - now you too can buy the title and acquire Russian land ownership.

    Function of the tsars

    Politics and religion - in these two spheres of life the tsars held a significant role. After the destruction of Constantinople, the supporters and protectors of the Orthodox Church were few and far between. The main task of the Russian tsars was to protect the Russian Orthodox Church. The close relationship between the Orthodox Church and the Russian tsars continues to this day.

    The coronation of the glorious tsars in Russia

    The coronation of the tsars in the past was always a costly, elaborate and popular procedure. Numerous nobles and noblemen from all over the Russian Empire traveled to crown the tsar. The extensive power of a tsar was also reflected in the process of coronation. The tsar was allowed to place the crown on himself, as no one was his equal. Throughout the ceremony, prayers and chants provided a unique ambience. The handing over of the scepter, crown and orb was representative of the tsar's power. The various insignia shaped the position of the tsars in Russia. After the coronation of the tsar and tsarina there was a sumptuous supper.

    Already in the past, the Russian Tsar's crown was one of the most valuable tokens of power in the world. In 1920, the crown was estimated to be worth more than 50 million US dollars. There are over 5000 precious stones on the crown. Only eight tsars were allowed to wear this crown in Russian history. Even if you never receive this honor, you can henceforth act as a tsar or tsarina. Buying the title of nobility with land ownership in Russia makes it possible.

    The different ruling dynasties of Russia

    Russia and the Russian Empire can look back on a long and eventful history. It goes without saying that numerous important ruling dynasties have shaped the destiny of this Eurasian country. Among the most famous ruling dynasties of Russia are the Romanovs. Tsar Peter the Great was just one of many Russian rulers descended from this line. For the first time, the Romanovs were given the honor of being the ruler of the Russian Empire with Michael the First in the 17th century.

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