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    Hold a title of nobility and enter it in the identity card

    The title of nobility is a so-called aristonym that perfectly complements your civil name. When you introduce yourself with a title of nobility, impressed looks are guaranteed. The same applies to a present commemorative certificate in high quality. Because with us you not only acquire a title of nobility, but also a certificate of appointment, your own coat of arms and co.

    From now on, you surround yourself with noble insignia such as your family's own coat of arms on the coffee cup or your title on the doorbell of the house. When you choose a title of nobility, you are not only choosing a title, but also a lifestyle.

    How do I wear the acquired title of nobility?

    There are no fixed rules. Rather, you can freely wear the title of nobility at your discretion. We use the well-known Max Muster as an example. If you become Count of Hanover as Max Muster, you can combine your civil name and aristonym in different ways:

    - Max Muster, Count of Hanover
    - Count Max of Hanover
    - Count Max Muster of Hanover

    From now on, there are no limits when using the noble name. Whether on your own business card, when you sign your name or when you make a reservation for your favorite restaurant - from now on you are a real nobleman in the eyes of the people. If you acquire a title of nobility from us, you may also wear it in public. Often there are concerns about this - but you can rest assured. Signing important contracts is also possible as well as public appearance under this name. From now on, the title of nobility belongs to you just like your civil name.

    Your new noble title can be used instead of the family name. This is even our explicit recommendation. Because this offers you a decisive advantage. If you also want to enter the title of nobility in your identity card in the long term, the title of nobility must have an important function. If you use the title of nobility in all life situations, you have good chances to have the title of nobility registered in your official identity card in the long run. Then there will be no doubts - you will be a real nobleman from now on. 

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