Your own coat of arms

    A title of nobility? Not without their individual coat of arms!

    Whoever thinks of nobility always has a family coat of arms in mind. When you purchase a noble title from us, you get your own coat of arms added. The unique family coat of arms of your noble family was designed by us especially for the respective noble title. From now on you are not only noble for the first time in your life, furthermore you probably have your own family coat of arms for the first time.

    The family coat of arms describes in the general linguistic usage a coat of arms, which persons and families lead. According to German customary law, family coats of arms are always given only to the newborns of a family. A family coat of arms shows the togetherness of a family. After birth, both female and male offspring are given the coat of arms. As long as the children bear the name of the family, the family coat of arms also belongs to them. If another name is chosen by marriage, the time of the family coat of arms is over. As a customary right the coat of arms right is protected in general and the family coat of arms in particular - this applies already because of the proximity to the name right protected by the Basic Law.

    However, not every coat of arms has the protective effect of the law. Only those family coats of arms which fulfil certain requirements are protected by law. On the one hand, an individual distinctiveness is required, which results in a suitability for identification. A family coat of arms must be clearly assignable to a family. Both the coats of arms of legal entities and the family coats of arms of natural persons come under comprehensive protection under private law. While the customary law coat of arms law applies to private persons, the legally regulated trademark law is relevant for companies.

    The artistic free design of the coat of arms is subject to copyright. A coat of arms has the shape of a shield, based on the shield from the Middle Ages, which served to protect persons. From this arises the meaning of the family coat of arms as a symbolic protection of the family against all bad. Some family coats of arms prove the elevation into the nobility. So it is usual that actually every nobleman has his own family coat of arms in the course of the Nobilitierung. While in the earlier time the coats of arms were often very elaborate and richly decorated, family coats of arms of the modern age tend to be freer and reduced with regard to the forms. So you can be curious, which family coat of arms is waiting for you, if they decide for a noble title.

    The history of coats of arms

    The coat of arms dates back to the Middle Ages. Originally, the coat of arms was considered a badge on a shield. When the knights and nobles went into battle, everyone could see which family they belonged to. The classic coats of arms were created during the crusades in the 12th century. Because of the heavy and closed armour it was hardly possible for the big armies to distinguish friend from foe. As long as the nobleman held the sword with coat of arms in his hand, an assignment was possible without problems. The coats of arms of the families, families and whole nations were not only on the shield. Also the helmet was symbol-bearing.

    In the course of the decades and centuries the coats of arms and their meaning developed further and further. The development of the tournament system led to the fact that the heraldry became more and more important. For the lovers of heraldry made it their task to identify the coats of arms that were different in colour and rich in symbolism and to create new coats of arms.

    Individual coat of arms to the title of nobility

    If you are interested in a noble title, you will also get a family coat of arms right away. The coat of arms is all yours. With special characters an individualization takes place. If you wear a coat of arms in addition to a title of nobility, the first impression is successful - the appearance as a nobleman will succeed without any problems from now on. We have a vector file for all titles. We have the vector file in CDR format, which we will be happy to send you on request. If changes to your new coat of arms are then desired, this is no problem for a graphic artist.

    Simply express your wishes and have your family crest designed just the way you like it!

    Of course, you can also call on our help directly. Since 1999, we have not only sold countless aristocratic titles, but also created numerous coats of arms and made individual changes. If you want to change colors, symbols or animals, this is no problem. In cooperation with our external graphic designer Mr. Tomala, no wish remains unfulfilled. You will incur additional costs for any changes. After a non-binding offer from our graphic designer, you can decide for yourself whether you want to change your coat of arms. We will provide you with the graphic designer's contact details on request.

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