Acquire Scottish noble titles - become Laird and Lady

Schottische Laird und Lady

    But noble titles are not only widespread in Germany, England, Sweden and Co. Known and infamous for the noble honors is also Scotland. In Scotland, there are numerous lands that are associated with corresponding titles of nobility. Scottish law stipulates that as a result of the purchase of Scottish land, for example, the name additions "Glencairn" and "John O'Groats" go to the purchaser of the land.

    Who would like to get thus a genuine, legal nobility title as name addition, should think about a Scottish nobility title. The designation as Laird of ... or Lady of ... sounds really interesting and honorable. But that's not all - if you buy a title of nobility from Scotland from us, you will get an authentic, genuine certificate of appointment, which confirms two things. On the one hand, you will henceforth have joint ownership of a property in Scotland and, on the other hand, as a result, you will be allowed to legally use the respective title of nobility.

    The Scottish nobility and land ownership

    In Germany or England, the titles of nobility are mostly hereditary. The hereditary title of nobility passes to one's own descendants. In addition, it is also possible to obtain the nobility through marriage or adoption. However, this is different with the Scottish noble titles. These are tied to the ownership of land in Scotland. When you buy land in Scotland, you also acquire the right to a title of nobility. From then on, you can call yourself a Laird or Lady.

    Laird or lord?

    The Scottish title of "Laird" is broadly equivalent to the English title of "Lord". However, there are also clear differences between the noble title Laird and the noble title Lord. The English noble title Lord is a designation for the high English nobles. In contrast, the Scottish Laird is not a nobleman in the conventional sense. Rather, it is a title that manifests the person's ownership of land in Scotland. Since in earlier times the possession of land was by no means a matter of course, the designations "Laird" and "Lady" served to show deference to land ownership.

    Buy and wear Scottish noble titles

    Der Ehrenkodex des Adels

    If you want to become a Scottish Laird or a Scottish Lady, you have a promising opportunity. This is because owning land in Scotland also entitles you to hold these designations. It is not a matter of whether you belong to the nobility from the time of your birth. Rather, it is simply a matter of owning land. However, the acquisition of land in Scotland is associated with high costs and a lot of formalities.

    If land in Scotland is not important to you and it is more about the title of Laird or Lady, we have the solution for you. Because we have properties in Scotland that are connected to the titles of nobility. With the purchase of a noble title you gain joint ownership of the respective property. A certain minimum size is not prescribed. It is therefore sufficient to acquire a plot of approximately 30 x 30 centimetres of Scottish land. From now on you are a Scottish Laird or a Scottish Lady.

    Right to a name in the case of Scottish titles of nobility

    The use of the Scottish name suffix is henceforth possible without any problems. Since it is a kind of stage name in Germany, you may sign with the title as a name suffix, print business cards, reserve hotel rooms or appear in public under this name. Legal privileges or obligations of the Scottish nobility are not associated with the designation Laird or Lady.

    However, this is not a big deal - because even the descendants of genuine German noble families do not have any special rights. With the abolition of nobility, you are allowed just as much and just as little as a real nobleman, who was given his noble title as a descendant of a noble family. Thus, with the Scottish nobility title, fun is guaranteed - when appearing as a Scottish nobleman, you will earn one or two curious, astonished and awestruck looks.

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