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    As a nobleman, you don't just wear a title of nobility. The more authentic your appearance, the more likely people are to buy that you are a true noble. The nobility's code of honor is crucial to a noble's behavior. The code of conduct of the nobility is considered the so-called code of honor. This was already adopted on 2 September 1989 in Porto in Portugal. The C.I.L.A.N.E. as the responsible commission of the European nobility was in charge of the elaboration. Every nobleman must be measured by the code of honour in his behaviour. Whoever buys a noble title from us should also know the elementary values of the Code of Honour.

    The three most important values of nobility:

    1. moral values

    Spiritual moral values have shaped the life of the nobility since time immemorial. A noble demeanor and respect for different traditions are part of the everyday life of every nobleman. No matter what religion or culture the nobleman belongs to, respect is always required. In addition, the dignity of the person, tolerance, human rights, social position, honorability, the noble word and a reliable compliance with obligations are at the heart of the noble code of honor. Those who wish to appear as nobles should also fulfill their spiritual and moral duties and have a modern, enlightened understanding of values.

    2. social values

    The range of social values that are part of the noble code of honor is enormous. Responsibility and freedom characterize the life of the noble. In addition, a nobleman strives for success. Acquiring language skills, maintaining and strengthening the spirit, and striving for profession instead of mediocrity are on your agenda from now on. Entrepreneurship, social responsibility and a "yes" to Europe have been a part of nobility in the past and today. The nobleman also cares for the welfare of others, maintains courtesy and ties to his homeland, and promotes the protection of the environment. The preservation of natural resources and a justified, appropriate national pride are also part of the typical noble worldview. Anyone who conforms to these values is well on the way to becoming an authentic nobleman.

    3. family values

    In addition, family values are part of the life of nobles. If you seek the promotion of family activities, the strengthening of the family bond, and the consideration of the family as the center of society, you are in good hands as a noble. Likewise, honoring marriage, tolerance of parents, and respectful remembrance of the deceased are all part of the noble code of honor. The preservation of family traditions and a solidarity within the family ensure that you are part of a real noble family from now on.

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