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    The title of nobility and the right to a name

    For many new nobles, buying a title of nobility is only the first step. In the long term, the title of nobility should not only appear on business cards and the like - after all, a title of nobility also looks quite good on one's own identity card. However, the purchase of a title of nobility is much easier than the registration in the identity card. The German law on names puts a spanner in the works.

    The right to a name in Germany

    In Germany, the law on names comprises a large number of regulations governing the use of a name. Name law regulates which name you are allowed to use and under which conditions it is possible to change the civil or public name. In addition, the right to a name also includes the right to exclude other persons from unauthorized use of the name.

    The right from a name means that only you are entitled to use this name. This is an absolute right that is a manifestation of the constitutional right of personality. The German law on names is set out in concrete terms in the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch). If you are interested in a title of nobility, the right to a name is important.

    Legally impeccable use of the title of nobility

    Despite the legal regulation of the right to a name, the purchase of a title of nobility is by no means forbidden or illegal. Rather, the title of nobility in Germany is an artist's title. The purchase of an artist title is permitted. Furthermore, you are allowed to use an artist's name instead of your actual name.

    The majority of artists' names are purely imaginary. Footballers who perform under a pseudonym or artists who draw their pictures under a fictitious name are just a few examples. If you want a noble title, opt for an aristonym. With the aristocratic artist name you enhance yourself and your civil name.

    Artist names are also protected under the law on names. When choosing a noble name, the personal rights of others are considered a limitation. In addition, you are free to acquire a stage name of your choice. Thus, nothing stands in the way of becoming a member of the nobility. By the way, the registration of the title of nobility is possible without any problems in some European countries. Even in Germany you can have the title of nobility registered in your identity card, provided that you use it like your real name in everyday life.

    The legal situation in Australia, Great Britain and the USA

    Many nobles originate from the English-speaking world. Therefore, it may be of interest to you how it looks with the right to a name there. No matter whether USA, Great Britain or Australia - the state paternalism in the sense of the name right does not exist. In the English-speaking world, you are free to choose your name. You can choose, change or use the name - just as you wish.

    After choosing your name, you create a so-called Deed Poll. With this, you make your way to the bank, your contractors and co. From now on, you can use your accounts, credit cards, ID cards and memberships in your new name. The Deed Poll makes it possible.

    The Deed Poll is a proof of change of name. This document is also called the Deed of Change of the Name. The document is not issued by the official agencies of any country. Rather, you can create the document yourself, in the process, this must only meet the formal requirements to change your name.

    The English law of names is based on the so-called common law, which, unlike Roman-Germanic law, is not subject to any public restrictions. In English law you will find the most liberal regulations in Europe as far as the right to a name is concerned. If you absolutely want to have your title of nobility registered in your passport, you have the best chances in the English-speaking world. Without much effort your title of nobility becomes your new legal name.

    In common law, the legal name is the name that is actually used by a person. People are free to change and use the name as they wish. There are no restrictions on content, as long as you do not have fraudulent intentions. However, there is a small catch - only as a resident of the language area you can change your name. In addition, the name change is not recognized in Germany - but in many parts of the world.

    Nevertheless, the use of a noble title is always possible - if it should not be the registration in the passport, you can appear everywhere as a nobleman.

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