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    Wear noble title - What is possible? What is allowed?

    Nobility titles have always been considered as a sign of wealth, prestige and manners. If you want to get a noble title nowadays, you can simply buy it from us. From now on, wearing the title of nobility is possible without any problems, even if the purchase does not make you a real nobleman.

    Nevertheless, we offer you an extensive range. From the certificate of appointment to your own family coat of arms to mugs, pillows and co. with coat of arms and title, you get everything that belongs to a real, noble appearance. From now on, you can enjoy the first impression you make as a nobleman - because a noble title has an attractive and at the same time special effect on most people.

    Can I use the title of nobility freely?

    Basically, after the purchase, you are free to use the noble title. There are numerous situations in everyday life for wearing it. Reserving tickets, booking a hotel room, signing a letterhead or displaying a business card - the noble title belongs to you from now on. This is also legally sound. The public appearance and signing of contracts and Co. is possible thanks to free choice of the name in Germany.

    Only the registration in the identity card or passport is somewhat problematic. Only if the proof succeeds that the title of nobility for you is already equal to the civil name, an entry can be made. For this you must use the noble title always and everywhere. If you address the neighbors and colleagues with the title of nobility, it is a good sign that soon the registration in the identity card will also succeed.

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