Russian titles of nobility

Tsar and Tsarina of Marinovka
Together with our cooperation partner from the region of Bashkortostan in the southwest of Russia, we can offer you the title of Tsar together with the co-ownership of a country estate. It is a small piece of forest with a clearing in the middle, which you may even visit and use by arrangement. The title "Czar" means "ruler" and is used in the context of the land to be ruled. So for example "Tsar of Russia", or in our case "Tsar of Marinovka". By co-owning our forest, you become the Tsar or Tsarina of Marinovka, that is, the ruler of the country estate. For the title itself, it does not matter how large the land is. Children receive the title of "Prince" or "Princess".

Your co-ownership is of a symbolic nature. You are registered with us and with our partner as a co-owner, but an official notarial entry in the land register does not take place, which would be a huge bureaucratic effort. Nevertheless, you may consider yourself a landowner in Russia. Besides a lot of information about the land and the title you will get two certificates per person. Once as an authentic original in Cyrillic script and once in German. So you can decide for yourself which version you want to frame.

The exact geo coordinates are: 53°13'00.1″N 55°31'44.9″E

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