Neuschwanstein Manor

You have probably seen or heard of Neuschwanstein Castle. Disney uses the castle as a logo.... Now you can get a magnificent title with the name of the castle and become the

Count or Countess of Neuschwanstein Manor

We have an estate in the immediate vicinity of the castle known as "Gut Neuschwanstein". We make you a co-owner of this estate and thus a count or countess. Contrary to what is commonly known about titles of nobility, this lordship is not conferred by a king and then passed on to his descendants. Rather, it is tied to the ownership of land and passes automatically to the new (co-)owner upon sale or inheritance. This, of course, opens up unimagined prospects for people like you and us who were not born into illustrious circles. Simply buy a plot of land and you are already the "Count" or "Countess" of Neuschwanstein Castle. The beauty of it is that the size of the plot doesn't matter. For example, we own 1 hectare of land near Neuschwanstein Castle, in which we sell you co-ownership. This co-ownership makes you the owner of the land.

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