Irish titles of nobility

Who wouldn't like to have a title of nobility! However, if you don't have the right relatives, it was almost impossible to get a title until now. Until now.

Those who would like an Irish noble title such as Lord of Kerry, either as a gift or for themselves, now have the opportunity to become Lord or Lady of Kerry, of Roscommon or of Strandhill. To do so, one receives an elaborate certificate confirming the land ownership attached to the title as well as the right to bear the title Lord of Kerry. Detailed information about the country and its people as well as detailed directions to their property are also included.

In Ireland as well as in Scotland, the title Lord or Irish Tirana is not conferred, but is related to land ownership and is bought, respectively resold with this land. Lord of Kerry or the Irish counterpart Tirana means nothing more than landowner or landlord. This opens up unimagined possibilities for anyone who was not born into a noble family, but would like to carry a title like Lord of Kerry. Not everyone has the money to afford a property in Ireland. That's where we come in. You see, we have properties in Ireland that come with a title of nobility.

You are not just buying a piece of paper with a nice sounding title, but a real piece of land. With the title, Lord of Kerry, which you acquire, no nobility privileges accrue. It is also not a title of nobility in the true sense of the word. Since in Germany the nobility has been abolished and there are no more special rights for "real" nobles, the small difference does not matter anymore.

From now on you may use your title as a name suffix - similar to a stage name - and of course also use it together with your own coat of arms, which you will receive from us, on business cards and stationery. The fun with your new title Lord of Kerry is guaranteed, many of your fellow men will think you are a nobleman and behave accordingly towards you.

And who knows, maybe you'll visit your little property in Ireland one day - and have another wonderful destination.

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