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  • With your new noble title you do not have to keep behind the fence at all - because our noble titles are legally manageable.
  • Give a gift to yourself, friends or relatives. Our authentic certificates of appointment together with colorful coat of arms are a real hammer as a gift.
  • Thanks to our 20 years experience we are the right partner for all interested people who ardently desire a noble title.

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Duke Konstantinos (verified owner) -

Hello from Greece!
Thank you very much for the courtesy title of Duke of Catharine Castle.
The title is impeccable, in terms of design and quality, and is well worth buying from the website.
Konstantinos from Greece
Duke of the International Society of Nobles.
Duke of Berwangen thanks.
Duke of Catharine Castle.
Baron of Principality of Sealand.
Lord of Principality of Islandia.

Sean Nettles -

Having Co Ownership of A Peace of Land in Kerry Ireland Is Vary Nice it's A Beautiful wonderful Place

Sean Nettles (verified owner) -

I Really Like The Idea Of Having Co Ownership Of A Peace If Land In Ireland Vary Awesome Thank You For Making Something Special And Vary Nice To Customers 😊😀☺

Duke Konstantinos (verified owner) -

Hello from Greece!
Thank you very much for the Duke of Berwangen title of nobility.
The title is impeccable, in its design and quality, and it is worth buying from the online page...
Baron Constantine of the Principality of Sealand... and from today Duke of Berwangen thanks to you.

nettlessean99 -

I Really Like the Fact that You Look up My Co Owned Land in Kerry Ireland Using Google Maps on the noble society Website This Really Cool I believe This Better Then Any NFT computerized land property And whats Even Better is my co ownership is Mine For Life Way awesome 👍

Anne B. -

I already had my ordered item in my hands within a few days. I thought it would be even faster, but the certificate and the booklet look interesting and tasteful.

Michael Sanger -

Shipping is fast and this was a fun gift. All my German colleagues loved the idea!

Manuel Kaiser -

Best gift idea that I have come across in a long time! Especially for all Kenya lovers or Africa fans in general

Wolfgang Brauer -

The site is extremely comprehensive and the purchase is delivered without any problems.

Christine M. -

I needed a last minute gift and was glad that I found the site and could download the certificate immediately. It was super fast. It was a fun idea and was well received.

According to the literal translation, nobility is the noble sex. Who would not like to belong to the noble sex? If you want to adorn yourself with a noble title, you are exactly right with us. For more than 20 years we have been offering legal mediation of titles of nobility. Thanks to us, the title of nobility with its own coat of arms will soon be no longer a dream.

Our selection

There are a variety of different noble titles in our store. Would you rather be an Irish landlord, a Scottish nobleman or from the noble German lineage? Some titles abroad are valid only with the appropriate property - but no problem. With us you can acquire co-ownership of the required property. From now on, you may not only bear the German noble title, but you can also call yourself a Baron de Burgund from France, for example.

Our service

On our website you will find a lot of information about nobility and noble titles. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. With more than 20 years of experience and the company headquarters in Germany, you will benefit from our extensive know-how. If you have any questions regarding the title of nobility or the design of the family coat of arms, we will be happy to assist you. Buy your new title of nobility including certificate from us now!