No shipping: no cost

We will send your certificate and also your brochure as PDF by email. 

We think it is environmentally irresponsible to ship something hundreds or thousands of miles across the world that can easily be printed by yourself. That's why we send your certificates and booklet via email as a PDF.

You have your order immediately at hand and can print it. Another advantage is that you can print the certificate in any size you want, so in A4 format or as a poster, on photo paper or special certificate paper, everything works.

Isn't that much nicer than paying expensive shipping and then waiting?

We also offer other options for shipping.

So you can order all orders printed and by package. We will then send you all certificates printed, together with the brochure in a gift folder. Optionally, you can also order accessories such as our Golden ID Card or our self-inking stamp. We will ship the order worldwide and insured with UPS. The delivery time to the USA, South America, Asia and Australia is a maximum of 5 business days. Within Europe we ship with DPD, the delivery time is about 2-3 business days. In any case we recommend sending a pdf by email. You have your certificates immediately and do not have to wait for the parcel service. In addition, it is much cheaper if you print it yourself or have it professionally printed in a copy store.

Convenient payment

We use the Stripe gateway for payment. You can pay with your credit card, with Klarna, or with Apple and Google Pay. The gateway automatically decides which payment methods are made available to you.

You don't need a Stripe account to use the gateway, it works without signing up.