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    Noble advantages of nobility

    On the one hand, the title of nobility is considered extremely noble. Anyone who walks through the streets as a nobleman or makes a booking or reservation as a nobleman often earns appreciative glances. Social advantages exist for many nobles even after the deprivation of legal privileges. Many people today look back on the nobility and perceive Lord, Lady, Count, Baron and Co. as remnants of a bygone era.

    The privileges of the nobility go back numerous centuries and changed depending on the social environment. If you want to learn more about the noble privileges of the nobility, the following provides helpful info. Before you start peddling the noble title of your choice, a little knowledge about historical privileges won't go amiss.

    The advantages of nobility

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    Numerous benefits accrued to the nobility. But how did the nobles earn their benefits of various kinds in the first place? The passing of privileges among members of the noble class was a rarity. Rather, the ruler by the grace of God granted various privileges to the nobility. The king, emperor, or other monarch recognized certain titles. The noble families were granted excessive wealth. Not a few nobles called themselves owners of extensive land.

    In addition, there were in particular the following privileges. Many noble family got their own streams for fishing and orchards for fruit harvesting. All this resulted from preferential treatment in view of land ownership. In addition, the nobles could have fields farmed. Forest production was also open to the nobles.

    The majority of the settlements of that time were characterized by a typical infrastructure. This included castles, wells, mills or abbeys. Local farmers were often free to use the land. However, the owners were the nobles. Often nobles required the inhabitants to pay taxes or to cede a certain part of the harvest to the nobility. However, the use of peasants for physical labor was not allowed to the nobles - even if some disregarded this prohibition.

    Social advancement in the aristocracy

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    More and more nobles throughout history wanted to acquire the noble privileges of noblemen and noblewomen. For this reason, members of different social classes chose to pursue careers in the military, the courts, or other departments in the government. Good performance should contribute to the acquisition of the title of nobility.

    But why was the title of nobility so popular in different times? In France, for example, the nobles were granted tax advantages. The nobles did not have to pay a direct tax. In addition, the relationship with courts and police officers was familiar. Nobles were favored in almost all areas of society. Often the noble families were exempt from the common law and were subject to their own regulations - the so-called noble law. People with noble titles had extensive power and could give orders to their subordinates. In contrast, common peasants had to abide by the law.

    Moreover, noble families even had the right to wage private wars among themselves. Duels were widespread in the case of disagreements and family feuds. Especially during the Renaissance, duels between nobles served to settle certain disputes. In sword fights, noblemen measured themselves and decided a dispute for themselves. During the reign of King Henry the Fourth alone, more than 4,000 noblemen died in such a duel in France - so climbing the social ladder was sometimes a bloody affair. This should not obscure the fact that the nobles were mostly true gentlemen and were guided by cultural customs.

    Become a nobleman / noblewoman today!

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    The modern nobleman differs significantly from the traditional nobility. While nobles in the Middle Ages and for many centuries had numerous privileges, the modern nobility is different. Today's nobility does not have a special position in society, the nobles are not granted more power than other citizens.

    Nevertheless, it is very tempting for many people to own a title of nobility and to appear with it in public. For noble titles have existed for several centuries and are still extremely popular today. With an affiliation to the nobility, a social splendor is associated, which often seeks its equal.

    So if you decide to wear a noble title today, you can buy the noble title of your choice. Thanks to many years of experience, we know exactly what we are doing and offer you a comprehensive selection. Take a look at our descriptions to find the nobility title that best suits your needs. Thanks to the title of nobility, which you can legally use as a suffix to your name, family coat of arms and certificate of appointment, you will appear confidently as a nobleman in the future - social glamor and recognition guaranteed.

    Nowadays, the legal right to be a nobleman or noblewoman is no longer associated with any preference. Nevertheless, many nobles inspire with their virtues and ideals. It is never too late to buy a noble title and henceforth appear as baron, count, duke and co.

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