Minerva: Knight, Consul & Senator

Minerva Orden - Ritter, Konsul oder Senator werden

    Become knight, consul and senator

    Numerous myths, stories and rumors surround the mysterious Minerva Order. If you want to become part of the decentralized and non-religious association, you can buy a title. You can legally use the title of the order name. The choice of the name is free - a combination of your own name with a title such as Knight, Consul or Senator is common. However, the possibilities in the choice of the name are almost immeasurable.

    It is particularly important that by joining the Order of Minerva and using the noble name, you do not enter into any obligations. Financially, you also do not incur any regular costs. For this you get the authentic certificate of appointment as consul, senator or knight.

    The Order of Minerva is a title that you may use officially at any time. Although the designations Senator or Consul reflect diplomatic titles, you may use the designation. However, it is preferable to use the suffix of the "Order of Minerva". This will help you avoid confusion and misunderstanding. This is because senators exist in the USA, for example, and the term consul is used nowadays in consular representations in particular.

    The Order of Minerva

    The Order of Minerva is a community of members. The decentralized and non-religious community is open to all people. Anyone can become a Minerva Knight. Women are given the title of "Lady". Wearing the official name of the order is possible in public. On all occasions, appearing under the name is lawful and permitted.

    The name of the order comes from the goddess Minerva. This is considered the protector of crafts and trades. Over time, the goddess Minerva became the protector of wisdom, art and knowledge. If you support these virtues and can identify with the values, the Order of Minerva is the right place for you!

    Become a member of the Order of Minerva!

    Mitglied des Minerva Ordens

    Those who wish to become a member of the Minerva Order should first consider some basic requirements. The Order of Minerva is not a religious community. Thus, when joining the Order, there are significant differences from membership in a church. The members of the Order of Minerva oriented their lives on various principles. Especially significant is the focus on education.

    A good general education and moral principles characterize the life of the members of the Minerva Order. Disrespect for the state, religion or good morals is not desired - if you want to be part of the Minerva Order, you should respect these principles. Before you decide to become a Minerva Order member, make yourself aware of this.

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