Scottish titles of nobility

In general, German and also English titles of nobility are attached to persons and their descendants. Not so in Scotland. Here the situation is somewhat different. In Scotland, the title of nobility is linked to the land. Here, there are certain areas of land that are linked to a title of nobility. So if you buy land in Scotland, the noble title associated with it, such as "Glencairn" or "John O'Groats" automatically passes to the buyer. This means that if you buy a piece of land in Scotland, you also legally acquire a title of nobility. The title "Laird", which you acquire with the purchase of the land, corresponds to the English "Lord".

But there is a difference between Lord and Laird. Lord is the English term for a high nobleman. In contrast, the Scottish Laird is not a nobleman in the figurative sense like the English Lord, but a lord of the manor, a landowner. Since at that time, when the term Laird came into being, it was more or less only possible for rich people to own their own land, the term Laird represented a deference to the lord of the manor. It is similar with the German term "Herr", also this title was only available to landowners for a very long time.

So, if you want to become a Scottish Lord, all you need is a piece of land attached to the title. However, not everyone has the wherewithal to purchase a large plot of land, nor do they want to bother with all the necessary paperwork. Now there is a simple way you can get the title you want quickly and easily. We have properties in Scotland that come with one of the coveted titles. We give you the opportunity to buy into one of these plots. You purchase a 30×30 plot and automatically receive the title of Laird or Lady with it.

There are no nobility privileges associated with this title, as nobility has been abolished here in Germany. However, you may use it as a name suffix, similar to an artist's name, and also use it on business cards and letterheads. The Scottish title of Laird is therefore a title that you can acquire mainly for fun and to impress your fellow men.

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