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    With us you can of course also acquire a German noble title. We have thought of something special: we offer you the real German nobility titles, where there are no heirs. If the last nobleman of the family dies, the respective nobility dies with him. The nobility title is freely available. We have taken advantage of this and bought the rights to the title of nobility. From now on you may adorn yourself with a unique title and appear in public as a nobleman and noblewoman.

    Nowadays, titles of nobility have an ideal value. Who always wanted to stroll through the streets of his city as a nobleman, thus has the opportunity. In addition to the German, historical noble title, there is a certificate and a coat of arms. The documents were modelled on the Middle Ages. They are therefore authentic, real-looking documents. A certificate of appointment to the nobility represents a somewhat different decoration in the own four walls. In addition, there is an individual coat of arms to match the new noble title. Since we create the coat of arms for you, you also get all rights to use it. From now on you have your own family coat of arms, which you can freely design as you wish.

    Diverse noble titles with a memorable history

    Here you will find a variety of different noble titles. For this purpose, we have briefly described the respective family histories in the category. Either choose the name that sounds most beautiful to you or whose family history fits you best. Afterwards you will receive your own noble title together with the digitized coat of arms in a vector file. The creative design is entirely up to you - from now on, you can do with the title of nobility, coat of arms and co. just as you like. As a nice extra, we will gladly put you in touch with a capable designer who will rework the coat of arms according to your wishes.

    Buy German noble title - that's why it is possible

    Adelstitel kaufen - Deshalb ist es möglich

    In order for you to acquire a title of nobility, we have come up with something very special. Thanks to our idea, the dream of your own noble title can come true today. We have acquired the rights to the respective titles of nobility from deceased noble families without descendants. Since we now have the rights, we can authorize you to use the noble title from now on. This is similar to coming up with a unique artist name to which we have the right to use. Then it is in our power to allow others to use the artist name. If you buy and order a noble title, you can henceforth perform under your noble title. Thanks to the legal admissibility in the use of artist names, nothing stands in the way of using a noble name. Numerous German noble titles are available today. If a nobleman dies in this country without there being any descendants, the noble title is henceforth dormant. The title of nobility is considered in Germany as a name addition to one's own name. It can be used everywhere and in any form. A signature as Mr. Baron or the appearance as Mrs. Duchess are henceforth no more dream.

    The extensive offer at the German nobility title

    Whoever decides to become a noble and henceforth walks around as a baron, duke and co. will of course receive more than just the title of nobility from us. First, there is a certificate that confirms your appointment as a noble. The certificate of appointment is based on the traditional charters from the 12th century. In particular, the material and the text are almost identical, so that there is hardly any difference for the layman. Of course, we individualize the certificate of appointment. From now on, the document will contain your name and our own coat of arms. With a historical stamp and a signature the certificates look authentic. If you buy a title of nobility, the other members of your family will also benefit. Because your partner and children will also receive the appropriate certificates for admission to the respective noble family.

    Next to the certificate, the noble coat of arms is in the foreground. Who has not dreamed of a noble family coat of arms? The high-resolution graphic together with the digital vector file is available to you free of charge. The possibilities are almost immeasurable. From now on you can decorate mugs, pillows, blankets or clothing items with your own family crest.

    You will receive the entire nobility package in a high-quality presentation folder. Together with an information brochure on the subject of "nobility", you can give the nobility title as a gift to yourself as well as to friends, family and acquaintances. A title of nobility always goes!

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