Carry title " Buy nobility?

Can I buy a title of nobility? 

A title of nobility seems tempting for many people. Because for most people, high society is unfortunately out of reach. Drinking a glass of champagne with a prince? Driving around town in a fancy car as a prince? Or reserving a seat at the posh restaurant in town as a count? All this could soon be possible for you. 

In the media public one hears again and again about different persons with noble title. Most of the time it is not at all clear where the title of nobility comes from. By far the smaller part of noble titles today is obtained by birth, marriage or adoption. Most titles of nobility are simply bought. But what exactly is a title of nobility? Can you simply purchase a title of nobility? With us you will learn more about the purchase of a legal title of nobility. After all, we have many years of experience in dealing with titles of nobility since 1999. 

Buy nobility title - is it legal? 

But is it actually legal to purchase a title of nobility? There is a common misconception that buying a title of nobility is illegal. However, this is not true - a legitimate noble does not necessarily acquire the title of nobility by marriage or birth. Buying a title of nobility also makes you a noble. Because of the free choice of name, buying and wearing a title of nobility is legal. However, you must keep in mind that you do not become a true noble by birth, marriage or adoption. From a legal perspective, it is a pen name with a coat of arms. "Real" noble titles are not freely acquired - rather, you would then have to be the descendant of a noble family. However, you cannot influence this. 

As an elegant solution, however, more and more people choose to buy a title of nobility to wear as a pseudonym. After all, it is not obvious at first glance whether the title of nobility was acquired by birth or purchased. This is because German law enshrines the free choice of name. Everyone has the right to a pen name. You can take advantage of this if you have always wanted to have a title of nobility. Did you perhaps already dream as a child of being a baron, count or prince? Then this dream can soon come true. 

The appearance under the stage name is henceforth possible at any time. However, in order to enter the title of nobility in the identity card, something more is required. Because the residents' registration office requires proof that you actually use the title of nobility in life and always appear under this name in public. With credible proof, even the entry in your official identity card is therefore possible - much more nobility is not possible, right? 

How can I acquire a title of nobility? 

In the past, it was mandatory to be born into the noble family or to enter the family through marriage. However, since marriages often took place within a noble family, acquiring a title of nobility was difficult. 

Over the years, however, the titles of nobility were abolished. The social division between nobility, bourgeoisie and co. had broken down. Today, you have to be born into the nobility to be listed as a noble in the family tree and via birth. Nevertheless, this is not the only way to go through life with a title of nobility. Marrying a prince or being adopted by a noble are also alternatives. For most people this is probably out of the question - if it does not necessarily have to be the real nobility, but the outward appearance through a purchased noble title is enough, you are at the right address. Because especially for adoptions there are high costs. Then it is not even sure that the family office accepts this procedure and changes your civil name. Buying a title of nobility and using it as a pen name is therefore the best alternative for many new nobles.