Order of Minerva

The Order of Minerva sees itself as a decentralized and non-religious association of wise and honorable people who strive for knowledge and live virtues. Become a knight, senator or consul. A title you may freely and legally use as an Order name.

The name of the order is freely selectable: It can consist of one's own name, preceded by the title "Knight", for example "Knight John", or one chooses one's own order name, for example "Knight John of Manhattan". There are no limits to the possibilities when it comes to choosing a name.

You enter into no further obligations. You will receive a very high quality certificate of appointment to Knight, Senator or Consul. There are no other costs or obligations, such as a membership fee.

The most important rule advocated by the Order is the lived high standard of one's own education. Only educated people can understand the moral values that make up the community, use them for a perfect life and pass them on. Furthermore, the Order does not accept bad attitudes towards the state, religion and good morals, which members are therefore not allowed to bring with them. Therefore, the prerequisite for membership in the Minerva Order is to not have to answer for any breach of the law. As a member of the order, however, you have no further obligations. Neither a regular membership fee nor the participation in meetings must be provided by you. The one-time entrance fee is the only service to be rendered.

You may choose to become a specific member. A Knight lives the guiding principles of the Order and may use the predicate with his name. Since you bear an Order name when you become a member, other titles may also be used officially, even if they are diplomatic ones such as "Senator" or "Consul". However, the titles must be referred to as "Order of Minerva". The Senator may also use his title publicly. The most important role is held by the Consul. By his appointment he can represent the principles of the Order to the outside world as well as appoint new members, hold meetings and spread the community rules. An entry of the Order's name in the identity card depends on the discretion of the respective authority and is an optional provision.

For more information, visit www.minerva-orden.de

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