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    Who doesn't like to imagine that? You and your partner strolling through the city as the Duke and Duchess? When you take your sweetheart out, you reserve the table as a duke and duchess. By purchasing a title of nobility, you surround yourself with a special aura. As high-ranking titles of nobility, these designations are great for increasing your prestige and prestige. Be sure - as a Duke and Duchess, you will receive a lot of attention.

    The importance of the duke and duchess

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    The significance of the title of duke is rooted in the monarchies. Whoever traditionally ruled over a duchy and other nobles was called a duke. Historically, the duke is considered the highest title of nobility - with the exception of the titles granted to monarchs. The title is derived from the Latin "Dux", which means "leader". Initially, in Roman history, the honorary title was given to the commanders of the army. Over the years, the duke was the highest commander in a given province.

    The dukedom in the Middle Ages

    In German monarchies, the noble title of duke was introduced in the Middle Ages. The German duke was above the count in the nobility hierarchy. Duke and duchess ruled a particular province and were part of the highest nobility. Directly below the monarch were already the dukes, who had an important role in the monarchy. But in Europe there were also some countries where the noble title of duke simply did not exist. However, this should not obscure the fact that in most countries and monarchies these titles of nobility were common. Even today, the duke is considered an impressive personality with great power and considerable influence.

    Duke and Duchess in the Modern Age

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    While numerous small German states and duchies still existed in the 19th century, the importance of the dukes declined over the decades. At the beginning of the 19th century, numerous dukes ruled German and Italian small states. Until today the development is declining. Nowadays there is only one duke who rules over a country: the duke of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Even though dukes and duchesses no longer rule countries, the titles are used in various situations.

    In Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom, the duke is still considered the highest title under the monarch. At the same time, people can become a duke and duchess only by inheritance. All members of the Swedish royal family are granted a dukedom at birth. Henceforth, the Swedish members of the royal family may also call themselves duke and duchess.

    Buy respectful nobility title!

    Nowadays, hardly any nobleman governs. However, duke and duchess look back on an eventful history, so that you are granted recognition, respect and fame. Who is interested in a noble title and wants to become a nobleman or noblewoman, often thinks about the noble title of duke or duchess. The purchase of these noble titles enriches your vita and is also ideal as a fancy gift.

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