Seychelles Title & Orchard

Together with Jonathan we offer you a co-ownership of "The Treasure Farm" in the Seychelles. With the purchase you are entitled to the title Lord or Lady of Anse Boileau and you also directly support the farm.

Everything from bananas, to cinnamon, limes, lemons, hot peppers, papayas, three different varieties of coconut palms, to herbs like thyme, oregano and more can be found on this unique piece of land. In addition, there is a stunning view of the bay of Anse Boileau, which presents a dreamlike sunset in the evening hours.

Residents come from all over the neighborhood to help plant and harvest. In the difficult times that Covid-19 also brought to Seychelles, Treasure Farm fulfilled the important task of serving as a major food source for the neighborhood. Jonathan shared all his treasures with everyone, never thinking of taking anything in return. This reflects the warm and socially just interaction shared by all Seychellois.

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