Italian nobility titles

In many cases, the Italian nobility was structured differently than, for example, the French or German nobility. Since in Italy the medieval feudal and hereditary law differed considerably from the Frankish, the nobility there took a different development from the Middle Ages to modern times, which was also regionally very different, since there was not yet an overall state or nation. The economic, social and political conditions in the south of the peninsula, which was shaped by the influence of the Byzantine Empire, the Norman conquest of southern Italy and the Spanish royal dynasties that later ruled there, were quite different from those in the Papal States or in northern Italy, where the Lombard city-states, which were characterized by trade, and the Republic of Venice underwent completely independent developments. The ranks were similar to those in Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Spain: Prince (Principe), Duke (Duca), Margrave (Marchese), Count (Conte), Baron (Barone) and "Lord of" (Nobile).

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