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What do I get?

    Noble title also as a fancy gift idea for those who already have everything

    your certificates

    All titles of nobility, of course, come with their own magnificent certificate of appointment. On this the elevation to the respective nobility is confirmed, it is stamped and signed. The certificates have the format A4 and are ready to be framed. The German noble title certificates are based on the medieval certificates in text and design. The Scottish ones are virtually identical to the original deeds used to transfer land. All deeds are unique with your name and our stamps.

    Free partner certificate

    If you are raised to nobility, this will of course also affect your family. We offer optional free partner certificates. Also the small ones do not come too briefly, to each noble title we issue if requested also the appropriate certificates for the children. This is especially nice because the children can often be called prince and princess if the parents are noble.

    The forms and salutations in our various titles are:

    • Duke ; Duchess ; Prince ; Princess ; Highness, Serene Highness
    • Count ; Countess ; Hereditary Count ; Hereditary Countess, Comtesse ; Serene Highness
    • Baron ; Baroness ; Baron, Baron ; Baroness, Baroness ; Hochgeboren, Hochwohlgebohren
    • Lord ; Lady ; Lord ; Lady ; Your Lordship
    • Laird ; Lady ; Laird ; Lady ; Your Lordship

    We will of course print the appropriate name with the correct title in exactly the same way on your free partner certificate and optional children's certificates.


    The titles are accompanied by our information inserts. With the German noble titles and the Irish Lords & Ladies we give beautifully designed information booklets to it. They lack any reference to our website or other advertising, so you can give it away great. The inserts come per title, not per partner certificate.

    Presentation folder

    Your certificates will be delivered in a presentation folder. This serves less for the transport of your noble title documents, but rather as a small gift packaging. If you want to give the title ready framed, then you can put the enclosures and info in the presentation folder.

    Your coat of arms

    You will automatically get a coat of arms to go with your noble title. You receive the coat of arms free of charge as pdf to the download. All coats of arms are also available as a vector file. So you can print everything from a grain of rice to a truck tarpaulin without any loss of quality. The set can be purchased as an accessory for download and is available in the formats eps, ai and cdr.

    Tianzi cóng Jìnyáng

    The title of Tianzi literally means Son of Heaven and was used by many sovereign rulers of China regardless of rank.

    Shogun kara Taishi

    Shōgun, roughly "great general," was a Japanese military title for leaders from the warrior nobility of the samurai from the 12th century until 1867.

    Count and Countess of Neuschwanstein Manor

    Only about 20 miles from Neuschwanstein Castle is Neuschwanstein Manor. Surrounded by trees and a small brook that leads wonderfully clear water, you will find your little park that will make you a count or countess.

    Pasha of Safaga

    Pasha was the title of the highest civil and military officials in Egypt. Until 1867, the governor was given the title of pasha. Under him were several beys as governors of the sub-provinces. As a badge of rank, the pashas were preceded by two to three horse tails.

    Coffee plantation and Lord / Lady of Maimahiu or Embu

    You will become a co-owner of our coffee plantation and thus a Lord or Lady of Maimahiu or alternatively Lord or Lady of Embu. You also receive the right to request free coffee from your coffee plantation for life. This is limited to 1 pound of coffee per year per customer.


    Duca de Colonna

    The name Colonna derives from the village of Colonna, located on the Alban Hills, not far from Tusculum.

    Duca means duke

    Conte de Spinola

    Spinola is the name of one of the most distinguished families of Genoa.

    Conte means "count

    Principie de Visconti

    Visconti is the name of one of the great families of Italy that ruled Milan and Lombardy for a long time

    Principie means prince

    Smart ID Card "Noble Society

    The ID card can be scanned with almost any smartphone via the built-in NFC chip or the QR code on the back and redirects to your digital business card at noble-society.com/yourname. You can easily design it yourself online in just a few minutes and enrich it with all the information you want to share.