Noble children - become prince & princess

Adelige Kinder - Prinzessin und Prinz werden
    Adelige Kinder - Prinz und Prinzessin werden

    When parents choose a title of nobility, or in history inherited a title of nobility, this also affects the children of nobles. However, while noble titles for adults are popularly known and familiar to the general public, this often looks different for children.

    In most cases, the children are dubbed prince and princess. There are exceptions with the noble title count. There the descendants are called hereditary count and hereditary countess. Also the designation of the Komtess is common for girls. With most titles of nobility such as duke, landgrave, elector and Co. the designation as prince and princess is common.

    Since when you buy a title of nobility, you do not just get a certificate of appointment for yourself, the designation is of great importance. Free of charge, your certificate of appointment also comes with certificates for your partner and children. From now on your children will appear as prince and princess - who does not dream of his little princess or a well-mannered prince? Of course, with our knowledge and experience we always make sure that your partner and children get the right title. Depending on which noble title you choose, the designations will vary. However, be sure that we choose the historically appropriate noble titles for the whole family.

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