German titles of nobility

Who has not dreamed of being a nobleman? Baron, Duke or Count are German titles of nobility, which still have a high value, although such a title has more of an ideal value. There is the possibility to buy a title of nobility, quite legally and legally secured.

Are there advantages to having a noble name?
German noble titles are coveted gift ideas, but such a title also has a significant value for itself. However, the list of German noble titles is long. From Elector and Duke, to Grand Duke and Count, to Baron, anyone can acquire a title of nobility. German noble titles with a certificate and their own family coat of arms have something special about them. They convey personal accents and can even be an advantage in some areas.

In a scientific study it was found that, for example, people with a title of nobility were preferred in a job interview. For many superiors, the German title of nobility was equated with assertiveness and creativity. Of course, this is not the case, but in the subconscious of the human being such mind games run now once, since managers are also only humans.

The German title of nobility - how may it be used?
Today, a title of nobility no longer has a special status. In 1919, with the coming into force of the Weimar Constitution, there are no longer any legal advantages. Nevertheless, many people benefit from a German noble title. The title of nobility is a feature and stands out from the crowd. Who now asks himself the question whether he is allowed to wear and use such a title officially, does not have to worry.

The German title of nobility may be worn as you wish. According to BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch § 12) you may use a title of nobility completely freely. You may print the title on letterheads and business cards or have a room reserved in a hotel. You may also use the German title of nobility when ordering a table in a restaurant. You may even appear in public with the title and sign contracts.

The title of nobility can even be entered on the identity card, just like a pseudonym.

By the way, a German noble title is also suitable as a very special gift.

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