Coffee plantation and Lord / Lady of Maimahiu or Embu


You will become co-owner of our coffee plantation and thus Lord or Lady of Maimahiu or alternatively Lord or Lady of Embu.

We will send your certificate and brochure via PDF. If you would like to receive a printed copy (certificates & brochure in a gift folder), please check "Printed & Shipped". (Shipping costs are included).
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Become a lord or lady of a coffee plantation in Kenya. 

About 30 kilometers north of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, we bought a piece of land in Nakuru County. On this land, local residents grow coffee and are allowed to keep and sell the harvest themselves. We provide the farmers with all the necessary tools, water and transportation. This coffee plantation is financed by your purchase of a co-ownership. By co-owning the coffee plantation you become "Lord or Lady of Nakuru". Kenya is part of the English Commonwealth, so we find Anglican titles of nobility in Kenya as well.

Besides the coffee plantation, we also bought a piece of land in Embu ( about 120 kilometers northeast of Nairobi, towards Mount Kenya ). Here we have built a well and the inhabitants of the nearby village are allowed to plant what they need on this plot. This is mainly vegetables, but some herbs also grow here. The community garden is co-financed from the proceeds of the coffee plantation.

With your order you get:

  • Noble title Lord / Lady of Maimahiu or Embu (free choice)
  • Beautifully designed appointment and ownership certificates
  • Full right to use the coat of arms (see picture)
  • extensive information about the project, country and people
  • There are no follow-up costs. With your payment you are co-owner of the coffee plantation


Please click on the map to get to the coffee plantation on Google Maps