Consul Minerva

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Become Consul of the Order of Minerva

  • Splendid certificate of appointment as consul (English)
  • Right to admit new members
  • incl. Golden ID Card with name, title and coat of arms
  • incl. stamp with name, title and coat of arms
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What do I get?

First of all, you become a member of the Minerva Order and are now allowed to use the order's name. Whether on stationery, the business card or the front door sign, the Consul title may now be used as a title. The Consul may admit new members. He may charge and collect the initiation fee as he sees fit. The consul sends us the data of the admitted person and receives from us the documents together with the admission certificate. For the admission of the new member a one-time admission fee of $25 will be charged. The consul is only allowed to accept persons who can identify themselves with the rules of the order. Please note that you may only use the title "Consul" in connection with the Order. A "Konsul Peter Meyer" is not allowed, with it you can make yourself possibly even punishable. Please use the name and title only so and completely: Peter Meyer - Consul of the Order of Minerva

The consul receives:

  • the right to admit new members
  • a golden ID card with his name, title and coat of arms
  • a stamp with his name, title and coat of arms

Where does the term "consul" come from?

In ancient Rome, the consul was the title of the highest Roman civil servant. He was an advisor who represented his country to the outside world with the help of advice and action, as well as through representation of interests and cultivation of relationships. A consul is thus an ambassador who, through bold and wise deliberations, presents and represents his country, or in this case his order, in the best possible way.

The ancient goddess Minerva, leading figure of the order, was at the beginning the patron goddess of the common people, the craftsmen and shipmen. After her equation with the goddess Athena, she also became the protector of the fine arts and the scholars. She thus embodies the idea of the dignified attitude with which they should carry this prestigious title.

And it's as simple as that:

After they have fully entered their name, or the name for which the deed is intended as a gift, they still have to choose and then indicate a name they would like to wear as the name of the order. This can be their real name or any fantasy creation they would like to have. And already you are a member of the Order of Minerva.

It is important for them to know that their membership in the Minerva Order does not entail any obligations or costs for them. There are no regular membership fees, no mandatory meetings, and no other requirements that they must fulfill. They can simply become a silent member and enjoy their honorary title. It must be mentioned, however, that this is not an academic title; however, they can officially wear this title on letterhead, business cards, and even as the Order's name on identification documents.

The high-quality certificate of appointment then comes to them already completely framed. The statutes and the regulations they receive in a separate presentation folder. Furthermore, 50 business cards, which carry both their order name and the coat of arms, are already enclosed to be able to use their new title immediately. Under certain conditions it is also possible to have this title noted in the identity card. For this purpose, we will send you detailed information so that you know how to have the registration done.

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  1. Anne B. -

    I already had my ordered item in my hands within a few days. I thought it would be even faster, but the certificate and the booklet look interesting and tasteful.

  2. Maria Kohl -

    Fast service, good prices and great customer service. I can recommend without reservation!

  3. Ulrich Kaestner -

    My son currently likes everything to do with knights and is now happy to be a real knight himself. Was there to match the knight's castle for his birthday 🙂

  4. Ralf Dreher -

    Clever gift idea that also arrives very quickly. I have already ordered several times and was thrilled every time again.

  5. Luca Junker -

    Thank you for the nice service. Gave delivery problems, but team is also open and patient with queries, etc..

  6. Kristian S. -

    Very clear page with great selection. My package arrived a bit squished, but the certificate was fortunately still intact 😉

  7. Tim Kuefer -

    I ordered the knight Minerva Titell and am absolutely thrilled! Looks great, nice quality from the certificate as well as extremeschteller shipping - I can only recommend!!!

  8. Juliane V. -

    I am really happy with the title. Bought the Consul of the Order of Minerva and everything was tip top!

  9. Jörg Zimmer -

    I ordered the Knight Minerva title and am absolutely thrilled! Looks great, nice quality from the certificate as well as extremely fast shipping - I can only recommend!!!

  10. Dirk Schultze -

    Uncomplicated it does not go at all - super fast delivery, top quality, clear recommendation!!!

  11. Yvette Clavette -

    I ordered an official order name here and am happy with the purchase.

  12. Kristin Reinhardt -

    The delivery arrived quickly, almost as fast as it worked with the download itself. So I had my gift in time. Great!

  13. Jonas Abendroth -

    Am positively surprised how realistic the certificate looks!

  14. Simone Achen -

    The site is great for gift ideas for someone who would like something special. The certificates are realistic.

  15. Maria cube -

    The customer service is very good and the prices are also fair. The delivery was also very fast with me and I was very happy about the gift!

  16. Birgit Blue -

    My family and I learned a lot about the history of knights with the Order of Minerva by ordering it. The booklet was incredibly relatively educational. It could have gone into more depth, but otherwise the titles are a fun idea.

  17. Jacob Dahm -

    Very fast delivery of the package, including brochure about the story, great!

  18. Paia Poisson -

    I now have the Consul Minerva title on my business cards and they look really professional. I don't really have any use for the certificate. I just needed the title.

  19. Heiko Weihmann -

    The titles are not only good as a gift idea. I bought the title myself and just made myself a little joy.

  20. Siegfried Thies -

    The certificate is indeed "magnificent", as promised. I can only confirm 😉

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