Berwangen Duke

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  • Salutation: (Royal) Highness, Serene Highness
  • Man: Duke
  • Woman: Duchess
  • Son: Prince
  • Daughter: Princess
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The Lords of Berwangen were a late medieval noble family that held the highest offices in Baden and Electoral Palatinate service. The family is probably named after their place of origin Berwangen (today a district of Kirchardt in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg).

All certificates for the whole family also come with the title. You will receive the adjacent coat of arms as a PDF free of charge. We will gladly adapt the coat of arms to your wishes, e.g. with regard to colour or symbols. You can make your choice here. The certificates come together in a presentation folder. We also enclose detailed information on the use of the title.

  • Salutation: (Royal) Highness, Serene Highness
  • Man: Duke
  • Woman: Duchess
  • Son: Prince
  • Daughter: Princess

The special thing about the Duke is that the children receive a certificate that elevates them to Prince or Princess.

12 reviews for Herzog zu Berwangen

  1. Duke Konstantinos (verified owner) -

    Hello from Greece!
    Thank you very much for the Duke of Berwangen title of nobility.
    The title is impeccable, in its design and quality, and it is worth buying from the online page...
    Baron Constantine of the Principality of Sealand... and from today Duke of Berwangen thanks to you.

  2. Angelette Chouinard -

    I ordered a duchess title for my wife here and she was thrilled! Thanks for the great service!

  3. Caresse Duranseau -

    I ordered a Duchess title here for my neighbor and she was thrilled! Thanks for the great service!

  4. Markus Wildrig -

    Delivery came quickly and the quality of the certificates is quite realistic.

  5. Leon F. -

    Shipping is really incredibly fast and even if you don't have time, you can easily download the certificate right away.

  6. Eric Kirsch -

    I really like the black and gold crest. It looks high quality. I had it framed and put it on my desk. Recommendable!

  7. Sebastian Moerz -

    I found a great gift for a friend. Everything went as planned. I will definitely order here again.

  8. Finn Boersma -

    Glad I discovered the site, a real insider tip for unique gift ideas.

  9. Bärbel Bächer -

    Price is ok. The quality looks classy and the purchase was easy and fast.

  10. Rainer Hinzmann -

    I really love the idea behind this site - you can buy titles and make gifts with them that are special!

  11. Nora Naumann -

    The delivery is fast and the customer service is super friendly. I can only recommend!

  12. Avent Lacharité -

    Herzog zu Berwangen just sounds good. I am happy with the whole site and with the purchase. Package was dented on the outside, but the certificate was undamaged.

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