Lord / Lady of Anse Boileau

Lord / Lady of Anse Boileau


You will become a co-owner of this 2ha piece of paradise in the Seychelles and thus a "Lord or Lady of Anse Boileau". You will receive a beautiful, magnificent certificate of co-ownership and noble title, as well as a colorful booklet with all the information. Everything comes together in a beautiful gift folder.

All accessories are made with your crest and title.

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Here you get the worldwide unique opportunity to acquire a small piece of paradise. Become a co-owner of our "The Treasure Farm" in the mountains of Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, where fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers sprout. By owning the land, you are simultaneously elevated to the del and may officially use the title "Lord or Lady of Anse Boileau". With the purchase of your certificate you also support the whole village around the farm and help the inhabitants to continue to be able to supply themselves free of charge from this Garden of Eden.

Welcome to the dreamlike Paradise Farm in the mountains of the main island of Mahé, which reflects the magnificent wealth of the various regional plants, spices and herbs to perfection.

Everything from bananas, to cinnamon, limes, lemons, hot peppers, papayas, three different varieties of coconut palms, to herbs like thyme, oregano and more can be found on this unique piece of land. In addition, there is a stunning view of the bay of Anse Boileau, which presents a dreamlike sunset in the evening hours.

The Treasure Farm is located in the mountains of Mahé, in the immediate vicinity of the bay of Anse Boileau, which offers an enchanting sunset in the evening hours. Become a part of this dreamlike paradise and support the local people directly.

All year round, Treasure Farm grows the most beautiful fruits and vegetables native to the Indian Ocean region. Jonathan and his friends from the neighborhood take care of the plants and harvest healthy, nutritious fruits of unique organic quality. Without any chemicals, only the right know-how and a lot of love and dedication, the whole neighborhood enjoys the plantation.

During the difficult times that Covid-19 also brought to Seychelles, Treasure Farm fulfilled the important role of serving as a vital food source for the neighbourhood. Jonathan shared all his treasures with everyone, never thinking of taking anything in return. This reflects the warm and socially just interaction that all Seychellois share.

Of course you are always welcome to spend a day together with Jonathan on "your" farm.

Grill a "Red Snapper" together, drink a chilled juice from freshly picked oranges and enjoy the breathtaking sunset in the evening. Jonathan's best friend, Jockey, will gladly take you from your hotel to the farm and back again in the evening. Jockey also offers fantastic Island Tours and lets you experience all the dream beaches of Mahé Island.

Where are the Seychelles located?

The Seychelles are topographically part of Africa. They lie on the northern and western part of the Mascarene Ridge, an undersea sill in the western part of the Indian Ocean. South of the Seychelles, off the East African coast, lie the island states of Madagascar, Mauritius and the Comoros.

How big is Treasure Farm?

The farm has a total area of about 200 acres, or about 0.8 square kilometers. It is located in the mountains, the terrain is slightly sloping. Jonathan has in painstaking, long work all small fields and beds terraced, so that the pure area is accordingly somewhat higher. Your co-ownership extends over the entire area.

Can I visit "my" farm?

You are always very welcome to spend a day on your farm. We will be happy to make direct contact for you and organise pick-up by our friend Jocky, who will also bring you back in the evening.

Will there be any additional costs for me?

No, definitely not. It is a private agreement and with the purchase of your share with us everything is paid for. There are no further costs for you now or in the future.

What am I allowed to do with the farm?

Please understand it more as a symbolic co-ownership. All rights remain with Jonathan of course and he takes care of the farm and the plants. There is nothing against camping in the garden, but please do not plan to build a house.

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