Pasha of Safaga


Pasha was the title of the highest civil and military officials in Egypt. Until 1867, the governor was given the title of pasha. Under him were several beys as governors of the sub-provinces. As a badge of rank, the pashas were preceded by two to three horse tails.

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Become Pasha of Safaga

Safaga is a port city in Egypt on the Red Sea. The port of the ancient Pharaonic Empire is already 4000 years old. In 2006, researchers from the Universities of Boston and Naples found remains of ropes in five caves on the Red Sea south of the Egyptian city of Safaga, as well as planks used for loading boats; also remains of a box with the inscription Miracle of the Land of Punt with the not fully preserved name of Amenemhet III, which the Antiquities Authority in Cairo considers as further evidence that the Egyptians at the time of the pharaohs had also conducted maritime trade with Punt.

In Safaga we own a small plot of land, of which we make you co-owner. Thereby you become "master" of the property and may carry the title Pasha.

You will receive:

  • Title Pasha of Safaga
  • Beautifully designed appointment certificates
  • Full right to use the coat of arms (see picture)
  • Extensive information about your property, the country and the people
  • All together in a beautiful gift folder

Ladies may forgive us, but unfortunately there is no female title form for the Pasha. The "Pasha" as a name means "born on Easter". The female form of the name is the maiden name Pasclina and also means "born on Easter". We are happy to offer you a certificate with this female form as "Pasclina of Safaga", but unfortunately it is not really a title.