Baron de Burgundy

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The former county of Burgundy, French Franche Comté is located in the west of modern France on the border with Switzerland. It is not to be confused with today's Bourgogne. This county belonged to the Frankish Empire since the 6th century and fell to the Holy Roman Empire after the death of King Rudolf III in 1033

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Count Otto Wilhelm of Burgundy-Ivrea was the first to refer to himself explicitly as Count of Burgundy. His descendant Beatrix of Burgundy married Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who thus became ruler over this stretch of land. He separated part of the territory and declared it a Palatinate county. His son Otto inherited the land from his mother.

In 1208 Otto's daughter Beatrix married Count Otto I of Andechs Merania, who thus took power in Burgundy and extended his family's influence as far as France. Burgundy remained in the possession of the Andechs until the death of his son Otto II of Andechs Merania. After that this noble family died out. The Palatinate was given to his sister Adelheid and came on this way into the hands of the house Salin, Adelheid's first husband was Hugo of Salins. Their joint son Otto IV of Burgundy ruled until 1302. After a chequered history in which the county belonged at times to the Holy Roman Empire and at times to France, the French Sun King Louis XIV finally reconquered it for France

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