Lord of Kerry

Lord of Kerry


As Lord of Kerry you are the proud co-owner of a property in the romantic Irish southwest and get a noble title to boot.

All accessories are made with your crest and title.

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Here you have a fantastic view of your property. Explore the landscape with the mouse.



You can buy the Irish title "Lord of Kerry" as a noble title by purchasing a small part of a property that is connected to this title. Among others, we have such a property for you in County Kerry in the southwest of Ireland. Becoming Lord of Kerry is worthwhile not only because of the title, with which you will stand out in the circle of acquaintances or on official occasions, but also because of the connection to the unique landscape in which your small property is located.

County Kerry is a particularly popular destination for tourists to Ireland. Not quite as wild as the northwest with its steep windswept cliffs, but still with an impressive coastline of high cliffs, small bays and the azure Atlantic. The Ring of Kerry, a 170 km long panoramic road along the coast, leads to several important sights. Ireland is a country with breathtaking nature and a very old culture, whose witnesses you can discover all over the island. Among them are, for example, the picturesque area around Killarney with the Killarney National Park as well as numerous monuments from prehistoric times such as ring forts, stone rows, stone circles and menhirs, but also monasteries and churches from the time of early Christianity.

For most of the route, the Ring on Kerry offers views of the sea and the ever-changing coastline. Detours inland offer mountains, deserted pastureland with flocks of sheep and wildly romantic barren moorland. From Portmagee, in good weather, you can cross in small boats to the rocky island of Skellig Michael, where one of the oldest monasteries from early Christian times is located. A complex of similar construction can also be found on the peninsula of Dingle.

Furthermore, Kerry is famous for maintaining the old Gaelic language and culture particularly well, so that much of the traditional Irish life can still be felt there. If you prefer hiking to driving, you will find plenty of opportunities to do so in Kerry. So when you buy an Irish peerage, you're not just doing something, you're getting involved with the country and its people and a very ancient and turbulent history. But of course, like all noble titles you can buy, the Lord of Kerry is mainly a happy idea for nice people who would like to be special for once. Any privileges are not associated with it. Their land holdings are too small to build anything on, plus the rights of use remain with the original owners.

But joy you will have as Lord of Kerry for sure.


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