Lord of Roscommon

Lord of Roscommon


Your Lord of Roscommon noble title pack contains everything you need to prove your new dignity as Lord of Roscommon in style wherever you go. We will also design you a beautiful certificate that will also look great on your living room wall

All accessories are made with your crest and title.

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Directly behind this bar is the "Roscommon" property.

You are a landowner, as you acquire joint ownership of a property in the green and fertile Irish Midlands, where numerous castles prove that noblemen have always appreciated the area. As a landowner or laird, you are a "tirana" in the ancient Irish language, in Gaelic, which would probably translate into English as "landlord." And since your land is near Roscommon, you are precisely a Lord of Roscommon. As well as the certificate of ownership and appointment, we will provide you with a coat of arms, which you will receive in digital form and can use for your personal records.


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