Graaf van Montfoort

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  • Salutation: Serene Highness or Your Worship
  • Man: Count
  • Woman: Countess or Comtesse
  • Son: Hereditary Count
  • Daughter: Hereditary Countess or Comtesse
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Between 1156 and 1178, when the Utrecht city of Montfoort was built to protect against the expansion of the Counts of Holland, the then Bishop of Utrecht, Gottfried of Rhenen, appointed one of his ministerials as castellan of Montfoort. After four generations of their administration, the dominion passed to the Flanders family of De Rover through the daughter of the last castellan. The lords of the castle from this family, who went by the name of Van Montfoort, were burgraves who exercised considerable power in the area. The settlement around the castle received the town charter in 1329. There were regular conflicts with the sovereign, the bishop of Utrecht. This led, among other things, to a siege and capture of Montfoort by troops of the bishop in 1387. In the middle of the 15th century, the Montfoorts sided with the hooks in the Hook and Cod War, supporting the Dutch Countess James. In 1481, the Montfoorts lost the High Lordships of Purmerend-Purmerland and Polsbroek, as well as various other low and middle Lordships, to the Lords of Bergen from the House of Glymes. After ten reigning burgraves sprang from this dynasty, Montfoort came to the House of Merode by inheritance in 1545. In 1675 the family of De Merode-Van Montfoort died out with the death of Maximilian de Merode, who was killed in Montfoort Castle, which was stormed by French troops. After this event Montfoort came to Utrecht.

To the title also come all certificates for the whole family. You will receive the adjacent coat of arms as a PDF and optionally as a vector graphic. We are happy to adapt the coat of arms to your wishes, for example, color or symbols. The certificates come together in a presentation folder. We also enclose detailed information on the use of the title.

  • Salutation: Serene Highness or Your Worship
  • Man: Count
  • Woman: Countess or Comtesse
  • Son: Hereditary Count
  • Daughter: Hereditary Countess or Comtesse

12 reviews for Graaf van Montfoort

  1. Wolfgang Brauer -

    The site is extremely comprehensive and the purchase is delivered without any problems.

  2. Tom Durr -

    My dentist recently got married and got a Countess title. I mentioned to her that I would also like to have one and we came to the conclusion that you can buy one. I would not have thought of it alone, but I'm glad that it is possible :p

  3. Fayme Meunier -

    The site is extremely comprehensive and the purchase went off without a hitch.

  4. Felix Eggers -

    Decided on the title Countess van Montfoort and was so far satisfied with my purchase.

  5. Dieter Kunze (verified owner) -

    The title comes with certificates. We had the crest customized especially for our family because we always wanted a family crest. Was not a fan of the original, but the final product turned out quite well.

  6. Maik Langner -

    The city of Montfoort has a very interesting history! Have learned a lot more from the brochure, thank you!

  7. Lilly nail -

    Delivery was very fast and the quality of the certificate is super realistic!

  8. Bianca Mueller -

    Comtess is a really cool title. I have a pretty boring last name. It makes my name sound so much better!

  9. Peter Kühnlein -

    I bought a Graafen title here because I was looking for something special. I definitely found what I was looking for.

  10. Anita Böck -

    In itself top, delivery could have come faster with me.

  11. Friedrich Roder -

    Great site, dozens of titles to choose from and good service. Am very satisfied with everything!

  12. Wolfram Heiber -

    Sabine Kraft, Countess von Salier.

    Since 4 weeks I wear this name and I am proud of it. I must say that I am perceived as a countess much more and better than without this title. I would now like to become better known as a photographer under this name.

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